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MormonBoyz - Elder Holland - THE COVENANT (720P)

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Description -  Elder Holland  hadn’t always been the best companion to Elder Oaks. As a young man with a particularly powerful sex drive, he was tired of running his big cock against his mattress for relief. After he was caught stroking himself by his companion, he got the idea to fill his mouth with his thick prick instead. This went on for weeks until they were discovered by President Nelson, and Holland paid for it with his bare ass.
But the real punishment, however, came when he got a disciplinary pounding from President Oaks. And things haven’t been the same ever since.
He started to acquiesce to the will of the priesthood brethren, and became obsessed with the secret initiation procedures of The Order.
Seeing the errors of his ways, Elder Holland apologized to Elder Oaks and the two became much closer and more intimate as companions. And when the time came for him to meet with President Oaks again in the Temple, Elder Holland was determined to win over the father as well.
This meeting was unusual as he was not led into a secret room as he had been prior. Rather, he was instructed to undress and crawl through a hallway that was so short and narrow that there was no other option than being on your hands and knees.
He moved through the dark passageway up to a tiny door and was instructed to wait for a signal. He felt humiliated having to move around like an animal, but it was also somewhat exciting to be submissive in this way.
The door knocked and he proceeded to open the door. As light broke into the tiny corridor, he could see a bright, white room with nothing in the center but a large bed. He crawled into the room and just to the side of the entrance stood President Oaks, towering over him, only exaggerating the powerful presence this man had over the chastened elder.
Just as Elder Holland was about to stand up, he felt the firm and instructive hand of President Oaks press down on the back of his neck, telling him to stay low. The President brought him to the end of the bed where there was a bowl of water and a neatly folded towel.
“Take off my socks and wash my feet,” President Oaks instructed, looking at the bemused expression on his blond servant.
Elder Holland understood then the purpose of this exercise. In order to show his reconciliation and proceed with his induction, he was going to have to demonstrate the central tenant of The Order: unquestioned service.
As he wet the towel and rubbed the strong, perfect feet of the handsome president, Elder Holland felt his cock getting harder and harder. Something about being so low to a man that was so high excited him. He knew he was giving up a lot of his pride in submitting in this way, and that seemed to only make him more turned on.
President Oaks was keenly aware of this as he spotted the long and girthy cock of Elder Holland begin to rise from under his sacred garments.
“Stand up,” the President Oaks ordered. He watched the young man rise up from the floor, trying not to show his tumescence too prominently. The salt and pepper daddy smirked as he began to run his hands over his tight, athletic frame, slowly moving his hands down to the rock hard member of Elder Holland.
President Oaks pulled down the undergarments of Elder Holland and watched with delight as his huge cock burst free, revealing its impressive size. He began to take off his own clothes and brought the head of the young man down to his crotch.
Elder Holland couldn’t help but breathe deeply of the sexy leader’s crotch, inhaling its strong and appetizing musk. This powerful scent caused the boy to gently bite on the outline of the president’s cock, begging to feel it in his mouth. President Oaks gave the hungry boy a permissive nod as he lowered his undergarments, exposing his beautiful, velvety hard-on.
Elder Holland took all of the man into his hot, wet mouth, forcing it to the back of his throat, desperate to be filled by the leader’s cock. He pumped it back and forth in his mouth, stroking his own giant member as President Oaks moaned in ecstasy. Elder Holland could not believe how turned on he was by being down on his knees giving this strong, powerful man pleasure.
While President Oaks thoroughly enjoyed feeling his cock at the back of the young man’s throat, he knew that this was only a taste of what he wanted. He leaned back on the bed behind him with his well-serviced cock standing up straight, glistening with the excess of saliva that Elder Holland had coated it with. Intuiting what was asked of him, Holland crawled up on top of the rock hard president, slowly lowering himself down inch by inch on his cock until he could feel Oaks’ balls firmly pressed against his ass…

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