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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-09-14 |
Stars:  Justin Michaels  Michael Fury  Enrico  Jorge Armada  Johnny Boy  Ryan Starr  Gianni Luca  Devan Temple


"Gag the Fag 5 features more guys who get face-fucked until they cough, choke and even puke. Justin spent a year in prison, so I knew he'd be a good cocksucker. He couldn't drive here from San Diego because his license had been suspended, but since I'm such a nice guy (wink, wink), I bought him a bus ticket to Palm Springs so he could live out his dream of getting face-fucked on video for Gag the Fag.

One of my favorite moments is when we had Justin look directly into the camera and say "I'm a cocksucking faggot" while Jorge's fat cock was lodged down his throat. He sounded hilarious - sort of like a gay Donald Duck. Another great moment was when he had an uncontrollable sneezing fit - I kept that in the video, too.

By the end of it, Justin had a look on his face that said, "Please don't make me suck cock anymore!", but it didn't take long for him to recover. When I dropped him off at the bus station, he offered to suck my dick in my car. I guess that's his way of saying "thank you." Classy, huh? (And yeah, I took advantage of his offer.)

The day after I shot Johny Boy's audition, he emailed me to say that he was no longer interested in being a "porn star." He said he was getting married to a woman next month, and that he just wanted to satisfy his curiosity about sucking a dick before he settled down with a woman. Sorry, Johny Boy, but you signed a model release, dude! Hope your wife doesn't mind that her husband has been captured on video with a fat dick in his mouth!

Ryan Starr has enormous lips that make him look like he's got a fat cunt plastered sideways on his face. He also has a cocky attitude that just begs to be taken down a notch. This is a common problem with whores who've been in dozens of porn movies; they believe that all of their experience sucking dick on camera somehow makes them superior. How delusional! I'm proud to say that it only took us a few minutes to wipe the smirk off Ryan's face and put him in his proper place. Even better - toward the end as his huge lips are getting worn out, he almost looks like he's going to cry. You've gotta love it.

To humiliate Ryan even more, we shaved off his facial hair, and then I had him drink about a quart of water. I wanted to see what would happen to someone getting throat-fucked with a belly full of liquid. Let's just say the results were explosive - repeatedly explosive. (Grin.) Jorge and I ended the scene by using his face as a cum dumpster, completing the transformation of Ryan Starr from a cocky porn star fag to a used and degraded piece of shit. Thanks, Ryan!

Micheal works at Starbucks, and although he likes to take his coffee black, when it comes to dick, he prefers to take it white. Micheal presents himself as a nice, wholesome young man, but don't be fooled - one of his favorite hobbies is blowing sperm bubbles after a white guy drops a load of cum in his mouth. At first, I was disgusted by this little habit of his, but then I saw how Micheal's face was the perfect backdrop for gooey blobs of white ejaculatory fluid. I've actually come to think of that photo as my first work of African-American art. My favorite moment is at the end when Micheal takes two loads of cum on his face, blows bubbles of sperm out of his mouth, and then smiles for the camera. He may have started off looking like a nice young man, but by the end of the scene, we've transformed him into a piece of cock-sucking trash.

Gianni Luca is probably best-known for getting fucked in the ass by a fucking machine, but in his real life, he's just a typical queer. For example, he's going to school full-time to become a fashion designer. Judging by the amount of hair dye he uses, I wasn't surprised to learn that he's interested in something as superficial as the fashion industry. In fact, I think he even puts hair dye in his eyebrows because by the end of the scene, with his face covered in shiny saliva and cum, his eyebrows were super-dark and really stood out. He looked like a fuckin' drag queen. For now, Gianni is earning a living by sucking dick and getting fucked in gay porn movies. Of course, his porn career will fade away, but I really do hope he becomes a world-famous designer. It could make me a lot of money."
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