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Here's Wet Palms for you guys. All 3 episodes as full dvds, nothing left out. Enjoy!

Wet Palms is America's first XXX gaytime drama. It has all the drama of a daytime soap - but so much more! When you watch Wet Palms: Season 1, Episode 1, you'll be hankering for the next episode. Who is Lucky Hanson?" Lucky Hanson, a handsome and mysterious loner, arrives at Wet Palms looking for its owner, Randall Jett--and clues to his own past. Brady Littleton, the Wet Palms hotel manager, is suspicious of the new arrival--as are pool boy Tripp Ward and underwear model Peter Dune who agree his resemblance to an old nemesis, Sebastian Jett, is striking. The scene opens in the Wet Palms bedroom of Peter Dune, a former big-time party boy and current underwear model who's given up the old life for his new lover, Tucker Bang, a sweet journalist who's toiling at gay gossip magazine "JettSetter", which is published by arrogant Simon Jett who happens to be the brother of the owner of Wet Palms, Randall, and has always tried to get into Peter's pants. Next we meet the mysterious Lucky Hanson who arrives at Wet Palms looking for Randall, who is somehow connected to his late mother. Complex manager Brad Middleton lets Lucky stay, even though he thinks the kid is an old con artist he once knew. He tells Lucky to take a shower while he calls the police. At the magazine office, Simon makes Tucker's life miserable, and tries to get the goods on Peter, who is being blackmailed into having sex with Todd Marlowe, the brother-in-law of the owner of Peter's underwear company. Unbeknownst to them, their tryst is being photographed. Wet Palms is full of surprises - surprising plot twists, surprising cast appearances, surprising sex combinations. Most of all, you will be surprised - no, astonished - at just how much you will enjoy yourself and at how much you can't wait for the next episode! Cast: Ashton Sorenson, Brad Benton, Bret Wolfe, Chad Donovan, Cody Cash, Ethan Marc, Gabriel Knight, Jason Ridge, Michael Soldier, Paolo Cortez, Rob Romoni, Rod Barry
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