Dillon Rossi CockyBoys - Full Conclusion

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Meet Dillon
Dillon Rossi's discovery is a true fairytale story in every sense of the word! Once upon a time, muscle twink Max Ryder held a contest seeking a partner for a camping trip scene in upstate New York. After reviewing tons of entries from eager applicants around the country, it was ultimately Dillon's cute smile, country boy mentality and ginormous nine-inch dick that won over the heart and the cock of Sir Max. We can't say we were disappointed either, because Dillon is a total fox! Not only does his tanned, muscular physique glow like a knight in shining armor, but his open-book personality and confidence is a huge turn-on! With all the manners of a chivalrous Ohio country boy, you can also tell that something bad and, dare I say, "cocky" lurks at his core.

Enjoy it!<3

It took me some time to create this torrent, and several years to collect it. I am happy to share it with you guys now.
If you get horny from this collection, please keep seeding...

... and feel free to give me some points ;)

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