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CF Kent Pack

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DescriptionThere are a number of things that make Kent so damn sexy. His ripped abs, his thick cock, his insatiable appetite for sex ... but his sense of humor and charm make him stand out even more! He's the quintessential, All-American guy. He's athletic, fun to be around and hangs out in a house full of half-naked guys a lot. Wait - are we talking about a frat house or CF?

HEIGHT 5' 9" WEIGHT 160 lbs HAIR Blond
BUILD Athletic COCK 6.5" Cut SHOE 9.5

[Corbin Fisher] Kent and Kennedy - LiveShow (480p).mp4
ACM1215 - [Kent] Fucking Chuck.mp4
CF - Kent & Harley’s Flip-Fuck.wmv
CF - Kent travis and rudy.mp4
CFS0304-Double penetrating Blake (Kent-Zeb-Blake).mp4
CFS0473 - Kent Takes Brayden.mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM0964 - Kent 20110307 (HDQ, 15,35 min).wmv
Corbin Fisher - ACM0993 - Kent Dicks Dawson 20110512 (HDQ, 32,19 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1002 - Kent Takes It From Travis 20110602 (HDQ, 24,06 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1034 - Kent & Philip Race For Top 20110816 (HDQ, 22,21 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1196 - Kent Feeds Jon His Load 20120828 (HDQ, 19,10 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1398 - Harper & Kent 20131205 (FHDQ, 20,20 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1568 - Kent Creampies Cain [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1583 - Kent Nails Jon [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1588 - Double Penetrating Rudy [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1608 - Kent Creampies Josh [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1617 - Kent Dicks Tom [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1636 - Roughing Russ Up [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1643 - Double Penetrating Jon [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1666 - Drenching Kent In Cum [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACM1676 - Stefan Takes Kent's Cum [1080p].mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACS0380 - GuysGoneBi; Kent, Philip & Delila's Bathtub Fuck 20110729 (CFS0095)(HDQ, 15,14 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACS0384 - GuysGoneBi; Sean & Kent's Pool Party 20110811 (CFS0096)(HDQ, 20,13 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - ACS0397 - Kent & Trey’s Bi Threesome (Kent, Trey, Danielle) 20110930 (HDQ, 18,25 min).wmv
Corbin Fisher - ACS0427 - Dominating Aiden (Aiden, Kent, Ashley) 20120217 (HDQ, 26,58 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - CFS 0339 - Eating Quinn's Cum (Kent)1.avi
Corbin Fisher - CFS 0339 - Eating Quinn's Cum (Kent)2.avi
Corbin Fisher - CFS0104 - Kent Works Cain's Ass 20111002 (HDQ, 18,59 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - CFS0129 - Roughing Russ Up (Cain, Kent, Russ) 20111204 (HDQ, 24,02 min).mp4
Corbin Fisher - Kent and Philip Race for Top (ACM1034)1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1093- Kent Breaks In Mel.avi
Corbin Fisher -ACM1121- Tagging Mario (Cain & Kent).mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1203- Connor Gets Fucked (Kent)1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1203- Connor Gets Fucked (Kent)2.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1227- Kent Dicks Quinn - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1232- Swallowing Reed's Load (Kent) - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1310- Kent & Brayden's Locker Room Fuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1329- Blowing Easton (Kent).mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1340- Trenton Gets Fucked (Kent) - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1409- Taylor Bottoms Up (Kent) - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1422- Marc Gives It Up To Kent - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1435- Kent Fucks Truman - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1455- Kent & Kellan - Fuck Buddies - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1464- Kent & Colt's POV Fuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1466- Kent Nails Zane - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -ACM1711- Jackson gets fucked (by Kent)1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0197- Kent Creampies Reed1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0197- Kent Creampies Reed2.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0205-Double Penetrating Aiden (Mark & Kent).wmv
Corbin Fisher -CFS0335- Kent & Chandler Swap Loads - FlipFuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0340- Kent Fucks Chuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0434- Kent & Josh's London Shower - European Stimulus Part1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0436- Wild & Raunchy In Prague (Harper, Kent & Trey) - Bareback -European Stimulus Part 1 (10).mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0448- Kent Unloads in Quinn  - European Stimulus Part 2 - Scene 1.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0450- Flip Fuck Français - Josh, Kent & Trey - European Stimulus Part 2 - Scene 3.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0454- Kent & Zeb's Cabana Fuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0476- Kent & Ashton's Flip Fuck - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher -CFS0509- Kent Rails Kennedy - Bareback.mp4
Corbin Fisher (CFS 480) - Kellan and Kent Get Busy.mp4
GGB0390 - Ashley Dominates Kent and Philip.mp4
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