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FISTINGCENTRAL COM - Fist And Shout Part 1 Cast:  Matthieu Paris, Billy Berlin,Marc LaSalle, Lee Heyford

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DescriptionRaging Stallion's latest fisting flick has got to be the greasiest, filthiest, most rosebud-laden fist pic we've ever released. Arms up to elbows, double paw stretching, grease coated super handball! With Raging Stallion Exclusives Matthieu Paris, Billy Berlin, Marc LaSalle, and featuring Lee Heyford, this balls-to-the-wall, open canyon hole of a movie will leave your mouth gaping as wide as the asses splashed across your TV screen.
Three scenes fill over two hours in this second fisting feature shot, cut, and directed by Raging Stallion Studio's veteran head of Post Production, David Hempling. ‘I couldn't believe our great fortune in bringing together this amazing cast for my next fisting feature,’ David said. ‘These amazingly sexy guys not only have the talent and the desire to show off their abilities, they've got the right attitude as well. Broad smiles and knowing, leering grins flash across their faces as they sink slippery paws and arms into each other's holes. They all loved performing for my camera. No doubt about it!’
First up is the incomparable pairing of Matthieu Paris and Lee Heyford. This is Lee’s first appearance in a Raging Stallion fisting flick. He's an amazingly sexy British/Asian mix. His long, lanky, muscled body is covered in beautifully smooth, inked skin. If all that weren't enough, Lee loves to have his incredible hole worked over and who better than our own butt aficionado Matthieu Paris? Matthieu starts off slicking up his arms with ropes of thick J-Lube and all Lee can do is grin from ear to ear. Pretty soon, Lee’s hole is taking everything Matthieu can dish out and Lee shows off his amazing rosebud from his swollen ass ring. Matthieu even quenches Lee’s fiery hole with cool, clear water only to heat it all up again with two hands where there once was one!
Not to be outdone, Mathieu’s ass hungers to be serviced and Lee is only too happy to oblige. You know you're in for a good show when one fist expert works another. Matthieu leads Lee all around our sex set, covering everything in grease, driving our poor grip crazy. True to form, Matthieu pisses all over Lee and then swallows Lee’s greasy arms with his famously talented hole. Of course, Lee gets both hands in Matthieu - like you have to ask?! Talk about a fist full of roses!
Next up, we initiate another new fist pig to our pen of Raging Stallion Exclusives: Billy Berlin - the very picture of boyish charm! This guy's a beautiful ass pig with the face of an angel and sculpted muscles under creamy white, alabaster skin. Billy warms up with a fat toy, giving us a good look. Then Matthieu Paris warms up with a giant toy - like he needs the practice! Soon Billy’s there to help out and the two of them ride their toys, coaxing each other along.
Matthieu then worships Billy’s amazing ass - beautifully round, smooth, muscled pink globes with a sweet, sweet hole nestled in between. Matthieu stretches open Billy’s ass with our rhino horn toy, eventually driving it up Billy’s ass with his head, then pressing in further with his boot!
Matthieu told us one of his favorite fisting movies is our own Rear End Collision and how much he's wanted to have his ass filled with lube from a funnel. Who are we to say no? Billy pours the lube down and then goes swimming in the deep, slippery sea of Mathieu’s upturned ass. The sight of Billy’s smooth, thick-veined arms pumping Mathieu’s open, hungry hole is incredible!
The final scene of Fist and Shout Part 1 opens on another talented hole from our stable - that of Marc LaSalle, who gladly presents his ass to Billy and Lee for some slap and tickle. They knead Marc’s beautiful dark ass, tempting and pulling open his sweet, inked butt. Slaps lead to tongues, spit leads to lube, and soon they’re taking turns sliding hands up Marc’s willing hole.
Marc and Lee turn their attentions to Billy’s ass and they punch his amazing pink hole right out of this world. Billy’s smooth butthole sucks at their hands as they slide in and around that beautiful ass. Marc and Billy then get on all fours, putting their asses in the hands of Lee, who works them side by side. Marc’s got a great rose bud to show off and he reaches around to slide his hand right up his own hole! We even broke out our steel bocce balls for these boys and Lee slides one up inside Billy, then Marc. Each talented bottom gives them back on command.
Finally, it's time for Marc and Billy to work over Lee, which they do to an eye-popping climax. Grasping each other’s hand, they dive in together into Lee, stretching him open to the hilt.

Cast:  Matthieu Paris, Billy Berlin,Marc LaSalle, Lee Heyford
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