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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-13 |
Video10 - Hung Beach - 2000

Studio: Video10

Performers: Scott Matthews, Chrispin Phoenix, Bobby Blake, Nikolas Bagrov, Angel Leone, Tom Vaccaro, Yuri Breshnev, Flex-Deon Blake, Dean Randolph, Maleek Young, Leon Carrington, Michael Lenox

Hung Beach features palm trees, wide, sandy beach and blue ocean waters. A picture-postcard escape from the chills of the Midwest winter. But before you make your reservations, you have to know that Hung Beach won't be found anywhere in your Damron Guide. It's the creation of porn star-turned director Marcelo Reeves. This is the first release from Brazilian Reeves' production company. Reeves has been the star of more than 30 videos himself for All Worlds, Titan, Falcon and Catalina, to name a few. (He lost an "L" in the transition from star to director)

Guest Scott Matthews has just checked in, and host Yuri Breshnev is about to show him what a fun vacation this will be. Matthews jokes, "Does your hotel provide room service?" That's enough to get Bresnev's mouth around Matthews' more-than-ample pogo stick. There's a lot of tongue-and-groove action happening. Matthews has his cock deep inside Breshnev's throat when Breshnev's boyfriend, Angel Leone, comes bounding into the room. Instead of tension, the buff and fur-covered Leone gets in on the action. The best part is watching butch-daddy Breshnev getting pounded by Matthews, resulting in some major jizz spillage.

There is a brief scene with Michael Lennox, Crispin Phoenix and Russian hottie Nicholas Bagrov edited quickly from the porch to the sofa. (If things only moved that quickly in the real world. Fans of boy-men will be anxious to see Bagrov's youthful face paired with his oh-so-manly clenched ass cheeks as he plugs Phoenix's holes. Phoenix almost seems prettier with a big dick shoved down his throat. Bagrov's balls prove to be problematic as he tries repeatedly to keep the low-hangers from blocking the view of Phoenix's butt hole.

My favorite buff couple, Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake, show up later, looking as hot as ever and like an airport security event waiting to happen. I dare anyone who proclaims they are a good cock-smoker to mimic Dean Randolph's "hooverizing" of Maleek Young's dark black meat and, later, both of the Blakes. Randolph also proves he's more than just a "one-hole wonder" by taking it up the ass like a trooper.

Scott Matthews is back for the final scene, with lifeguard Tom Vaccaro. This scene pisses me off slightly, as Matthews has blatantly stolen my vacation fantasy of shacking up with Vacarro and blowing a load on his chisled, furry pecs. (OK, so maybe I made that part up, but Tom, if you're reading, Lake Michigan is beautiful in July!) Luckily, Matthews has saved the best for last and gets to ride Vacarro in numerous positions. (Try that at Six Flags.) Hung Beach may not be the premiere gay destination, but it has the potential to be one of those secrets that keeps select guests coming back year after year.

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