Halloween Havoc: Big Sexy vs Impact Thunders Arena

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionTrick or treat! This Halloween Havoc match from Thunder's Arena sees sexy studs Impact and Big Sexy start out their match in head to toe skin tight costumes. After a test of strength, the black light comes on for a very cool effect as they get stretched out in full nelsons and body scissors. But soon the costumes are getting stripped off of each other, to reveal Big Sexy and Impact wearing nothing but wrestling trunks. In addition to hot bodies on both, both of these guys also sport huge bouncing bulges in their trunks. Impact in particular may as well be wearing nothing for his part, as his very tight and skimpy yellow posers fully reveal his huge cock outline. With the costumes off, Impact boasts about how he clearly has the bigger set of biceps as he flexes his impressive guns. He may be right, but Big Sexy is one of the cockiest and most experienced wrestlers around and he starts to school Impact on the mat. Try as he might, Impact's big muscles just can't seem to get the upper hand here and this becomes a bit of  a squash at the hands of the oh so sexy Big Sexy. At one point Big Sexy even traps Impact in a hold where he forces him to kiss his bicep while rubbing it on his face! And the ending torture rack hold is amazing as Big Sexy bounces Impact on his shoulders like a rag doll while Impact is forced to tap out on Big Sexy's hairy chest! The first half may be tricks, but the second half of this one is all treats! Happy Halloween!
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