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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-10-17 |
Cast:  Fernando Nielsen, Gabriel Lantos, George Caesar, Giovanni Floretto, James Jordan, Johnny Huzosh, Karlos Kampona, Leslie Balfek, Tom Long

Firestarter is Studio 2000 International’s dick-drenched delight from director Roland Dane. The simple story sets the stage for a wealth of sexual intrigue. Lovers Johnny Huzosh and Fernando Nielsen have a big problem. They are not having sex anymore because of work and social pressure, so they are going to sell their house and go their separate ways.

In bed, after another sexless evening, Huzosh has a dream that he is in a smoky sex room being worked over by mega-muscled, daddy-dude George Caesar. In his dream, Huzosh is decked out in a leather harness, black jockstrap and dog collar. Caesar adorned in chain-link, looks like trouble with a capital T. He’s a mountain of muscles with a shaved crotch, a humongous hose and big balls. He whips Huzosh with a cat-o’-nine-tails as Huzosh devours his rigid ramrod. Huzosh is a champion cocksucker and Caesar rewards him by shoving a dildo up his very accommodating asshole. Caesar is a tough top but Huzosh loves every second of the deep dildo drilling.

The faux-phallus is soon replaced by Caesar’s cock which he slams in Huzosh’s horny hole. The pounding is powerful. Huzosh then pleasures his master Caesar by first licking his boots and then sitting down on his stiff stick for a wild and butt-stretching ride. The energy is palpable and frenzied when, suddenly, things unexpectedly take a tasty turn. Caesar goes down on Huzosh’s hard-on, sucking his slave’s slurpie like only a man hungry for the taste of tool can.

Huzosh shoves his shooter up Caesar’s chute and pummels him sidesaddle. The temperature rises even more when Caesar sits on Huzosh’s hard-on and takes a rip-roaring rodeo ride. Caesar fires of a volley of cocksauce while still impaled on Huzosh. The only thing that remains is for Huzosh to jerk his own joint to rapid release. Waking from his wet and wild dream, slightly confused, Huzosh is strangely satisfied.

James Jordan is checking out the house for possible purchase. He is also checking out Fernando Nielsen, who is showing him around. They settle down on the couch for a chat which rapidly dissolves into a kissing and groping session. Nielsen and Jordan have muscle and meat to spare. Never one to pass up an opportunity, Jordan dives for Nielsen’s knob which is very thick and juicy. Nielsen wants a taste of tool and gets it when Jordan fucks his face forcefully.

Very content to be in control of the action, Jordan slams his stiffie into Nielsen’s tight pucker sidesaddle on the carpet. The vision of Jordan’s joystick jammed into Nielsen’s massive bubblebutt is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Changing position, Nielsen rolls over on his shoulders and Jordan drives his dick down into his gaping gorge. The end result is two gigantic geysers of sticky stuff with Jordan’s jizz juice sprayed all over Nielsen.

The next episode opens with Huzosh blasting his advisors Giovanni Floretto and Tom Long for not taking care of his business properly. They laugh it off and proceed to get it on. This scene is a Studio 2000 International classic. Superstar Floretto is a very buff, very handsome hunk with an uncut donkey dong swathed in a tighter than tight foreskin. Long is a lean and adorable wet dream machine who wastes no time lapping Floretto’s flute. To his credit he handles the dick dimensions like a pro. Soon the colorful couple is stretched across the floor locked in a picture postcard sixty-nine. They both suck dick with gluttonous glee. Long then rims Floretto’s hole and fucks the muscle god hard in the missionary position. Floretto loves getting screwed but also loves to top. He invades Long’s asshole with a dildo then slams his own super shooter up Longs’ love-tunnel. The drilling is so demanding that one begins to wonder if Long is going to be split in half. Floretto pumps his prick pudding all over Long’s back then Long jacks off his own joint producing puddles of guy goo.

The house is sold and the real estate company throws Huzosh and Nielsen a party. This meet and greet soon develops into a five man rock’em, sock’em, cocksucking, ass-eating, butt-banging orgy of erotic excess. Nielsen and heavy-hung Karlos Kampona kiss and trade blowjobs. Huzosh, Leslie Balfek and Gabriel Lantos suck cock with Huzosh sampling both boners. There is nothing better than open mouths exploring firm fucksticks. After every conceivable cocksucking combo has been explored, all attention turns to anal antics. Of course, everyone ends up fucking in every position imaginable from doggie to missionary to side-saddle.

There is a sandwich fuck involving Huzosh, Nielsen and Campona which will take your breath away. The tight, in-your-face camerawork makes you a virtual participant in the sizzling sex. The orgy builds to a fever pitch with load upon load of phallic frosting flying high and wide. This five-man fandango of fucking will leave you exhausted and exhilarated. Obviously the orgy serves to reunite Huzosh and Nielsen. After all, who isn’t a sucker for a happy ending?

Studio 2000 International and director Roland Dane have again fashioned an intoxicating elixir of erotic enticement. With a cast of spectacular studs, Firestarter offers up cum-bustable carnal chemistry which will light your fire again and again.
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