Straight Fellas - Jay & Tanker

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Jay 20 & Tanker 19, best mates from the Gold Coast in Australia, I first met Jay and was impressed by his boyish looks and personality so i arranged to do a shoot later in the week. When he turned up to do the shoot he had his mate Tanker with him to see if i would be interested in filming him as well, and well of course it took little persuasion. I asked if they would be interested in doing a duo and they were really keen on the idea. They mucked around saying stuff such as "I'll even stick my tongue down his throat", or "I might even suck his dick for the right price" well sure enough I found the right price....
The whole time they reassured me that they would only be willing to do stuff with each other, though they both thought it would be cool to let me play with them.
This is undoubtedly the best shoot ever, these boys just know how to put on a show, watching 2 straight boys kiss especially with passion just really turns me on. I even got to put my finger in Tankers butt and man' it is the sweetest virgin arse I have ever seen and the first 'VIRGIN ARSE' I have had the pleasure to violate, it was tight and hot and he loved it (made him cum).
The whole shoot was non stop action that just kept me hard and ready to blow my own load the whole time, and when all was done the boys didn't disappoint with their cum shots, Jay copped half of Tankers load in his mouth and then jerked him self off and shot a huge high powered load that splattered all over his own face which Tanker then licked up.
Yes believe it or not these boys are as straight as they come, just very open minded and willing to try anything, they are the ultimate in real straight fellas.

2010-11-04 02:35:06
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