♺ [Be me fi Video] - Wilde Jungs - Scene 4 - Boyslave and his Piss Master

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Original upload: 2012-08-31 |
Released:  2009  |

Title:  Wilde Jungs - Scene 4 only
Studio:  Be Me Fi Video (German)

You might recognize the voyeur and the boy from Scala nl Production - Homo Rape.

This piglet is fucked bare while used roughly like a toy, the guys speak Spanish because the German sound was giving errors, they put him on a leash (probably poured wax all over him but they cut that part out of the scene), give him a facial, spit on him, get him into a tub and piss on his face.  All that while this bottom which if you seen homo rape loved the entire thing, here plays the sad bitch while the top has a sadistic smile on his face.
2023-03-14 16:36:32
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