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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-29 |
Studio Name:  Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc.  Released 09/2002  108 minutes
Director:  Csaba Borbely 

Stars:  Jonathan Collins  Janos Volt  Leslie Manzel  Roberto Giorgio  Fred Goldsmith  Claudio Antonelli Zoltan Gondor  Tony Magera  Benn Davis  Sergio Foster  Luciano Endiano  Antonyo Fargo

Categories: Euro, Feature, Muscles, Cops,  uniform, group sex, anal, oral

Hungaro-director extraordinaire Csaba Borbely's winning streak continues with this chiseled-gods-in-uniform porn. -Keeneye Reeves


If you’re looking for a hot stable with a full herd of uniformly gorgeous stallions that will take you on a hard ride, forget Kentucky - go to Hungary and Csaba Borbely’s stud farm! Of the thirteen (a lucky number here) cast members in Manpart Squad, nine are Borbely exclusives. Who knows where he finds them, just as long as he keeps doing it.

The video opens in a police station, with sergeant Antonio Fargo, a very hot older blond, addressing his squad about a "bijoux" (i.e. jewelry) burglary ring. As with other Borbely videos, the subtitles are so ridiculously bad, you can’t help laugh. Even the nonsensical title - Manpart Squad - must be some kind of mistranslation. As overcompensation, the whole cast goes way over the top in their moaning during sex; it gets distracting.

As the meeting ends, Fargo asks officers Fargo, Goldsmith and Davis to stay behind. He congratulates them for zipping up a case by zipping down their pants. The foursome demonstrates Borbely’s casting style. He stocks his stable mostly with smooth-chested, well-muscled (but not overly so), short-haired young men - in this case Goldsmith (a Borbely favorite) and Davis. But then he spices up the mix by selectively throwing in other types, in this case the hairy not-quite daddy Fargo and the unshaven, luxuriantly jet-black-haired Endino.

The scene gives a full menu of man-to-man sex: kissing, nipple licking, foreskin playing, finger-fucking, rimming, and solid sucking and fucking, with Goldsmith and Fargo taking the bottom honors (the older guy getting fucked is a nice touch). The high point has Davis fucking Goldsmith and Endino fucking Fargo while the bottoms are in a 69. The loads everyone shoots may not be huge but they are thick and pearly-white.

Antonelli, Foster and Laurel are patrolling the snow-covered highways. (It’s nice to see porn somewhere besides Southern California.) They pick up suspect Magera and take him to the station’s holding cell. Yet no cell can hold these cops’ sex drives and soon Antonelli is pounding Laurel’s ass, while he rims Foster. Antonelli has a wiry, muscled physique, and he throws the roughest fuck of the video, to Laurel’s obvious delight. Magera then tries to escape, but Antonelli throws him on his back and his legs in the air. Laurel meanwhile impales himself on Foster’s curved cock on the floor. There’s only limited oral action at the end, and again all four shoot average but creamy loads.

Giorgio, Manzel and Collins raid a glitzy gay club where the other thieves - Volt and Cuza - are pole-dancing, Collins takes the suspects back to the station, leaving Giorgio and Manzel to close down the club. Instead, they climb onstage for a sensual “pas-de-dick.” Giorgio is dark with deepset eyes and Manzel is lighter with wavy hair, so they are a pleasure to watch. First, Giorgo fucks Manzel on his back, and then Manzel fucks Giorgo on his sides. It’s the most tender and intimate scene of the video.

Collins, however, likes it rougher, and the tall muscular man’s interrogation of the stocky Volt and the slender Cuza soon has everyone naked. The action begins with some foreskin docking between the two crooks, followed by finger-fucking of Cuza by the other two. Cuza then sits on Collins’ “night-stick”, giving all indications that he’s the bottom boytoy of the scene. But then the rest of the scene has Volt on the receiving end, first from Cuza and then Collins.

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