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These files date from 2005-2007.  The premise is that they were all straight UK guys who were attending their first audition in the hope of being cast in straight porn.
The website released 3 x 5 minute parts - (1) Interview (2) Physical Examination & (3) Ejaculation Test of each guy.  More often than not, I found the interview sections boring as hell - so sorry, I didn't keep most of them....but the Examination and the Wanking/Ejaculation parts...well....hot hot hot.  From the very start it's clear that these guys are not the usual 'straight acting' gay men that we are so used to seeing; no, these guys are hetero, off the street and usually handsome.
A couple of the clips are from the "Groping Hands" series - also interesting - but for different reasons;
Even though the clips only go for 4 or 5 minutes, some of these boys made it into my All Time Hall Of Fame.

If this is your kind of thing I'd also refer you to "First Auditions - Bundle One"  at GT.ru  which features a different set of guys.

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