BMB-Big boss in trouble

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DescriptionOnce again Master Marcel is broke. The money he gets from being a business man¡¯s driver is simply insufficient. Even worse than the constant shortage of cash is the fact that his boss is constantly nagging at him. But because Marcel is still on his probationary period and really needs this job, he grits his teeth and puts up with the bullshit. In an ideal world Marcel would be the boss and that bastard would be his slave just as it should be. Funnily enough and opportunity arises for Master Marcel to make his dreams a reality. Marcel is innocently changin a lightbulb for his boss as a favour when he stumbles upon a set of documents which clearly prove that the boss is evading tax on a grand scale. The tables are turned. Together with his friends; Maxim, Ali, Artem, Farid and Mehmut he decides to kidnap the boss and blackmail him, while living out a little bit of their sadism too. Everything goes to plan. Marcel drives his boss to a meeting and stops off on a lonely country lane where Master Maxim is waiting with gun in hand to put the boss in his place. The Boss is dragged into an apartment where Masters Ali, Artem, Farid and Mehmut are already waiting to descend upon him. The victim is immediately verbally abused and degraded in the worst possible way. The boys take whatever cash he has in his wallet but it isn¡¯t nearly enough. They take his credit card and deman to know the PIN number. The Boss obstinantly refuses to divulge the number so the boys have to get nasty. He is tied up, beaten, kicked, forced to lick shoe-dirt, made to drink spit, has his balls and tits tortured mercilessly. When he at last reveals the number, Marcel must go and find an ATM, to check the boss isn¡¯t lying. God help him if he is. Later that evening, Marcel is now the boss and his new slave does everything he¡¯s told, lest Marcel go to the tax authorities and tell them everything he knows about his Boss. Marcel finally has no financial worries to speak of. He not only enjoys his new wealth, but also the power he now has over this stupid old bastard. He enjoys this power to its full use. The slave must lick all the day¡¯s mud from his sneakers, worship his sweaty socks and swallow down any spit Marcel might choose to dispose of into his mouth. All of this, and also Marcel wants the slave to piss off. He throws him out of the apartment and kicks back. The slave doesn¡¯t dare to tell a soul. A massive thankyou goes out to everyone who took part in this production. Burgi who helped to construct the storyline and Stephan who acted as cameraman, director and editor.
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