♺ Businessman Set Up (All 4 parts)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2017-07-18 |
Businessman Set Up - Part 1: 240 Mb

The sexy young man thought he was making a routine business call
when he was ambushed by a masked man.  The next thing he knew,
he was in a strange room, bound and gagged, having his suit slowly
ripped to shreds while the masked man delivered a painful and
humiliating spanking with straps, a yard stick and a hairbrush.

Businessman Set Up - Part 2: 179 Mb

The young business executive now found himself bound spread eagle
to a bed where the masked abductor finished ripping his clothes,
revealing a beautifully muscled body.  His victim struggled
and called for help thru his gag but it is useless.  The man
fondled and stroked his muscular body as he
continued to strip the helpless young man, then left him
exposed and defenseless to contemplate what horrors awaited him.

Businessman Set Up - Part 3: 186 Mb

The sexy young business man was now tied on his back, legs
spread wide in the air, exposed and vulnerable, and he feared the worst.
Sure enough, the man lubed his finger and shoved it into the
young man's virgin ass, then fucked him with a series of dildos  while
he moaned, groaned and whimpered in shame, rage and pain.

Businessman Set Up - Part 4: 168 Mb

The masked man had one more torture for the young business man.
With his victim still tied with his legs in the air, the man brutally
assaulted the tender soles of his feet.  Using riding crops and
bamboo canes the man beat the poor guy while he struggled
and howled in pain and anger, the masked man stopped only
to fuck him again with the dildos.

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