Tom Lord-Home From The Gym-2002

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DescriptionREVIEW - "Home from the Gym" (I Love Muscle Productions) - REVIEW

A Video Review by Martin Cox [ ]

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"Home from the Gym" (I Love Muscle Productions) - 2002


Director: Wesley

C-A-S-T: Tom Lord [ ]

While he'll never be accused of being just another pretty boy, bodybuilder Tom Lord definitely stakes out a claim for gay erotica superstardom with this tape. From the moment he enters his apartment after a hard workout and strips off his shirt to reveal a perfectly sculpted torso, to the arousing finale, Lord absolutely inspires awe with all of his physical dimensions.

Followed by an unseen cameraman whose voice directs the action, Lord shows off his highly pumped and beautifully shaped body in a series of poses. In one of these, a biceps flex, he is enthralled with the way his own arms reach a high peak. When his workout pants come off, his massive quads and very developed calves are the focus of the camera, and it also reveals a crotch that seems almost too full. What is he hiding in there, an extra pair of sweat socks? Nope. It's all too, too real, as we see when the shorts are peeled down, exposing a jockstrap that is bursting at the seams with Lord's generous endowment. This is not one of those bodybuilders who has anything to be ashamed of in the dick department -- in fact, Lord's cock almost looks too big for his body (which is saying something). It looks almost as out of proportion as a Billy doll's.

Lord actually seems to get turned on by showing off, as the pouch of the jock becomes even more distended while he's posing. Then he heads for the showers, where we get an extended view of The Dick as it swings around while he lathers up. Never, and I mean never, does it deflate. When he puts on a towel after the clean-up, his erection is still clearly visible through the cloth. Next it's on to the bedroom, where Lord combines flexes with strokes -- he quite literally jerks off while he is flexing his amazing muscles, which is a huge turn-on. Adding some oil to the mix only makes everything glide better, and soon Lord drops to his knees for some more posing and stroking. He rises and begins to play with his pecs, and then, amazingly, he shows that he can -- almost -- touch the head of his dick to his nipple. For the grand finale, Lord reclines on the bed, and slowly but insistently jerks off until he shoots a huge load all over his pecs and abs. This man shows again and again that he is Hot with a capital H.

Though the production values aren't the best, and the direction could use some tightening, I haven't seen a better subject for muscle worship in a very long time. Tom Lord rules!

A Video Review by Martin Cox [ ]
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