ATB Aaron Aurora [Samuels,Alton] part 2

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Some files are just "CLIPS"
    where i haven't been able to source the films
          ( any help would be appreciated??? )

Some videos are of the FULL RELEASE where he appears in...
next to it is the SINGLE CHAPTER from the release that ONLY has Aaron in it.

[BBBoys] 2013 Huge.mp4
[BBBoys] 2013 Huge_s2 Aaron Aurora, Ethan White.mp4
[BBBoys] 2013 Huge_s4 Aaron Aurora, Steve Agonista.mp4

NB: If anyone has any of his more scarce videos, please DM me I'd be very interested please :D

[BN] 2011.11.30_0258 Aaron Aurora, Ashton Bradley [Ropework and a Hard Fuck].mp4 886.32 MB
[BN] 2012.01.04_0264 Aaron Aurora, Ashton Bradley [Toyed with and Pissed In].mp4 1.12 GB
[BN] 2012.04.27_0274 Aaron Aurora, Ashton Bradley [Twinky Wax Statue Aaron].m4v 188.33 MB
[BN] 2012.05.18_0285 Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane [Blindfolded & Mummified].mp4 2.51 GB
[BN] 2012.07.18_0311 Aaron Aurora, Leroy Dale [Sex and a Straitjacket].mp4 1.07 GB
[BN] 2012.07.27_0312 Aaron Aurora, Luke Desmond [Spanked, fucked & sucked].mp4 1.08 GB
[BN] 2012.08.17_0252 Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane [Aaron's Cock Punishment].mp4 719.25 MB
[BN] 2012.09.05_0253 Aaron Aurora, Luke Desmond [Sling Fuck For Aaron & Luke].mp4 1.53 GB
[BN] 2012.09.26_0340 Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Sebastian Kane [The Hot & the Cold of It].mp4 2.26 GB
[BN] 2012.10.10_0336 Aaron Aurora, Lincoln Gates [Pushed to the Limit with a Fist].mp4 2.08 GB
[BN] 2012.10.24_0339 Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Luke Desmond [Aaron Is Piggy In The Middle].mp4 1.84 GB
[BN] 2012.11.07_0337 Aaron Aurora, Mylo Jordan [Full of Cum, Desperate to Explode].mp4 2.05 GB
[BN] 2012.11.21_0343 Aaron Aurora, Dan Jenkins [Aaron Aurora Milked Dry].mp4 1.81 GB
[BN] 2012.11.30_0345 Aaron Aurora, Lincoln Gates [Bend Over & Take It Hard].mp4 1.76 GB
[BN] 2012.12.14_0349 Aaron Aurora, Dan Jenkins [Sucked, Wanked & Waxed].mp4 1.98 GB
[BN] 2013.03.15_0374 Aaron Aurora, Brett Wright, Sebastian Kane [Inexperienced Boy Gets Owned].mp4 1.24 GB
[BN] 2013.03.29_0369 Aaron Aurora, Matt Madison [Straight Boy Matt Fucks Aaron].mp4 1.46 GB
[BN] 2013.04.12_0379 Aaron Aurora, Brett Wright [Brett Gets Waxed & Fed].mp4 1.03 GB
[BN] 2013.04.26_0370 Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane [Plaything Aaron Aurora].mp4 1.26 GB
[BN] 2013.06.28_0368 Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson [Anal Abuse for Twink Aaron].mp4 1.36 GB
[BN] 2013.09.11_0430 Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson [Aaron Spanked & Fucked].mp4 1.29 GB
[BN] 2013.09.20_0421 Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Reece Bentley [Sharing a Slutty Twink Slave].mp4 1.56 GB
[BN] 2013.11.01_0431 Aaron Aurora, Aiden Jason, Reece Bentley [The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings].mp4 1.70 GB
[BN] 2014.01.08_0451 Aaron Aurora, Reece Bentley [Butt Stretching for Aaron].mp4 1.05 GB
[BN] 2014.01.24_0452 Aaron Aurora, Aiden Jason [Jerked & Drained of Semen].mp4 1.22 GB
[BN] 2017.07.12_0837 Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane [Not a drop of cum left in his balls].mp4 416.53 MB
[BN] 2017.09.15_0831 Aaron Aurora, Sean Taylor [Twink bottom covered in molten wax].mp4 938.33 MB
[BN] 2017.10.18_0842 Aaron Aurora, Jack Taylor [Owning his slutty little fuck hole].mp4 553.68 MB
[BN] 2017.10.25_0840 Aaron Aurora, Tyler Underwood [Tyler takes control of Aaron].mp4 467.44 MB
[BN] 2017.11.01_0839 Aaron Aurora, Sean Taylor [Twink hole fully Dominated].mp4 480.47 MB
[BN] 2017.11.10_0827 Aaron Aurora, Sean Taylor [Toy stretching & hole slamming].mp4 909.41 MB
[BN] 2017.12.08_0829 Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane [Things get real risky for Aaron].mp4 956.48 MB
[BN] 2018.01.03_0834 Aaron Aurora, Jack Taylor [Aaron gets his hole slammed].mp4 984.77 MB
[BN] 2018.02.14_0833 Aaron Aurora, Sean Taylor [Wrapped up & wanked off].mp4 861.84 MB
[BN] 2018.03.09_0825 Aaron Aurora, Jack Taylor [His tight twink hole gets owned].mp4 0.99 GB

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