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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-13 |
Ben Damon Brad Benton Chad Savage Collin O'Neal Joshua Adams Justin Wells Kent Larson Kyle Lewis Stetson Gable

Nominated for 5 GayVN Awards:
Best Suporting Actor (Brad Benton), Best Non-Sex Performance (Christina Monet), Best Screenplay, Best Sex Comedy, Best Packaging

"Take a trip down Poinsettia Lane where the husbands will play while the wives are away. Coco LaChine's satire brings us the story of Poinsettia Lane, a suburban oasis that is shocked when one of its residents, Marc Youngman, commits suicide.
The flirting begins at Marc's memorial service when his best friend and single father David Bayer (Kyle Lewis) asks Ed Bailey (Joshua Adams), the hot plumber who just moved into the neighborhood, to come over and "clean his pipes." The next day they meet poolside and Ed takes care of David's plumbing needs, showing him the true meaning of customer service.
While David is busy laying pipe with Ed, his neighbors Ben Campbell (Collin O'Neal) and Bill Smith (Ben Damon) are getting together. Bill tells Ben that David thinks the guys need to get together to talk about a disturbing note he found among Marc's things. However, Ben would rather get into a little role-play with Bill and he forces the stud to his knees and quickly turns Bill into his submissive boy toy.
At the home of trophy husband and swim coach Carlos Salazar (Kent Larson), his wealthy older wife is away shopping and his mother is passed out on the sofa from drinking a bit too much Baileys with her coffee. This gives Carlos the perfect opportunity to get things on with his hunky gardener John (Stetson Gable). When David's son Joseph Bayer (Chad Savage) drops in on the coach he joins in on the action with John and then gets a piece of his old swim coach's ass.
Meanwhile, at the home of Mrs. Herbert, the neighborhood gossip, Marc's window Brad Savage (Brad Benton) has stopped off to return a plate she loaned him. Brad doesn't find Mrs. Herbert when he gets there, but instead the go-go boy she's rented a room out to, Nick Sheridan (Justin Wells). Fresh out of the shower, it doesn't take much to make Nick lose his towel and when it comes off the two studs are quick to jump on one another's hot bodies."

From ManNet

One does not have to be a fan of the monster TV hit "Desperate Housewives" ( http://DesperateHousewives.com ) in order to adore "Desperate Husbands." It would help in the details (down to the music, which if heard quickly sounds exactly like the music to the TV series), but director Coco LaChine has put together a project that completely stands alone on porn merits, not needing to follow the show letter for letter in order to engage the viewer. Casting some of the hottest men around, he's also found guys who can act, so they add a giggly fun to this suburban who-dun-who. The TV series is ripe for spoof, but this isn't just spoof for the sake of it. LaChine has too much going on here to just borrow a title and a plot. "Desperate Husbands" is so well crafted that it could be turned into a serial all of its own!

The narrator introduces the viewers to the men of Poinsettia Lane before offing himself. As for the men, they are all family guys living in adjoining houses with convenient access to each other. The narrator's friends gather after he commits suicide, though the dead man's lover, Brad Benton, is still able to throw a hell of a party. Single dad Kyle Lewis latches onto mysterious plumber Joshua Adams and swimming coach Kent Larson, married to a much older woman and with a "mother" in tow, asks Kyle's son, Chad Savage, to come help him the next day. Later, Kyle finds a letter among the dead man's belongings that says, "I know who you did and I'm going to tell." Kyle decides the four neighbors need to figure this out.

However, scandal be damned when Joshua shows up to look at Kyle's pool. The mysterious chlorinated problem is fixed quickly, so Kyle invites the tattooed hairy handy man in for a swim. A paragon of statuesque beauty himself, Kyle strips down as well and swim they do. And kiss they do. Joshua is soon gorging himself on Kyle's cock, deep-throating it with superb ease. Kyle then gets going on pierced and tattooed Joshua's dick, taking a face-fuck easily. Joshua goes diving into Kyle's rounded ass with his tongue, licking the smooth hole greedily. Though Kyle's ass is wetted idyllically, it's Kyle who tops Joshua. With his abs grinding strongly, he snakes his way fully into Joshua's ass. It's a very, well, neighborly fuck, not too hard or nasty, but deep and apparently very pleasing to the bottom. Kyle's very able pace hits its peak missionary, which gets Joshua to dot his hairy torso in cum. Kyle has a big full shot in line with his release of energy here, with Joshua's fingers jammed into his ass.

Two other neighbors concerned about the death are perky brunet Ben Damon and super-butch Collin O'Neal in leather pants, looking far sexier than any suburban man I ever encountered growing up in the lush driveway-infested world of trees and puppies. Ben tells Collin that Kyle wants them all to get together, but Collin only wants to get busy and plops Ben down to his crotch. Ben doesn't argue and sucks Collin lustily. Collin leads the charge, gently face-fucking the somewhat tame Ben. Ben's tongue works a bit faster in Collin's ass, gently teasing the hole before hairy he-man does a far more intent rimjob on Ben's hairless ass. Collin, taking a cue from the "Desperate Housewives" character who likes a little kink with his sex, beats Ben's ass with a leather whip for a bit before having Ben blow him again. After Collin fingers Ben's ass, he has Ben sit on his cock for a ride. Their lack of chemistry is somewhat muted by Collin's ability to shoot his cock way up Ben's ass with just a thrust from his hips. When Collin takes over for a doggy fuck, he's aces, making sure his cock goes all the way inside Ben's butt. Ben cums so far he hits himself in the chin and then Collin has a giant spray all over Ben. What these guys don't know is that they have been photographed outside their window.

Kent's wife is out shopping, but his tippler mama is every bit the nag. Kent doesn't have time for her nonsense and bolts to go meet the guys as mama takes another gulp of Bailey's. Imposing muscle stud Kent goes into the shower for a slow-motion washing that earns all the drool points it desires. He then spots drop-dead gorgeous brunet gardener Stetson Gable outside. Stetson knows he's being watched, so he wets himself and quickly submits to Kent's advances. Kent takes his time groping the young man's tight body ad then finally starts sucking his cock. Kent swings his head this way and that to keep Stetson's hard dick happy in his mouth. Dark-haired and perfectly chiseled, Chad Savage drops by, bypassing a passed-out mama, finding Kent on his knees in front of the gardener. Chad strips down to his hunky body and Kent goes wild sucking both guys. He alternates with the boys, his free hand still busy on whichever one he's not sucking. Chad comes to help out and with Kent, gives Stetson a magnificent double-blowjob. He and Kent are in perfect harmony going up and down together, passing the cock back and forth. Stetson, who seemed less into it than his partners, cums a great big shot and makes an excuse to depart.

However, this doesn't mean Chad and Kent have to stop, so they tiptoe past mama and start all over again in Kent's bedroom. Chad, showing off an untanned ass that is unmatched in this film, has a noticeable click with Kent and they make out with real oomph. More blowjobs ensue, but the camera is sure to never let at least one of their incredible asses stray from the focus. Kent, throwing down the picture of his wife, dotes on Chad's balls and then Chad sits on Kent's face for a rimjob. Kent has a blast licking this adorable tight ass, but Chad is eager to be active too, so they settle into a very comfy sucking 69. Kent sticks his muscular butt out to Chad and the younger man licks it quite happily. They trade blowjobs one more time before Chad fucks Kent. Though Chad's ripe ass called out for a fuck, I guess Kent's piece of heaven called out louder and Chad has a whale of a time fucking the bigger guy. He gives him a fast-paced very peppy missionary with Kent's legs as wide apart as they go. Kent cums on his belly tattoo and then cradles Chad as he lets his shot rip. There's a big "uh-oh" as Chad reveals a secret to post-coital Kent, seen and heard by a devious mama at the door to the bedroom.

An apparently not-distraught Brad goes over to return a basket to the neighbor lady who baked him cookies for the funeral shindig and finds bartender-slash-go-go boy Justin Wells (in character as "Nick Sheridan" for extra cheek) just out of the shower. Justin has been renting a room in this house. Bubble-butted Justin lets his towel drop and each compliments the other about how good they look. So, they start macking, with Brad an immediate supplier of early energy for the scene. Indeed, Justin looks his absolute best here, and Brad is sinfully fetching, so the compliments were not at all empty. Brad gyrates his body at Justin's waiting mouth and the resulting blowjob is nice and feverish. Justin very graciously gags himself on tons of cock. He then turns Brad around to tickle his ass with his tongue, stuffing his face far into Brad's ass. Brad adds his talent to the mix when they 69, his patented whimpers working with the sucking. Brad then gets breathless solo time sucking and rimming the long-lashed Justin. He then fucks Justin smoothly and confidently. Brad keeps the energy high as he tops, but Justin has been rather obsessed with Brad's butt the whole time. This leads to a wonderful flip-flop with Brad taking Justin sideways on the floor. Justin hammers away at him missionary so Brad can cum all over his tummy. Justin finishes with Brad lovingly licking at his ear. Mrs. Herbert comes home to find the two locked in embrace and has a heart attack!

The lights go out one-by-one on Poinsettia Lane as the narrator asks leading questions about what will happen next to the "Desperate Husbands." Nothing is solved here, so we'll all have to tune in for more. I don't see that as a problem as the first installment certainly piqued my curiosity. A well-chosen cast makes this interesting flick a slam-dunk, most of them as alert sexually as they are clothed and ready to deliver dialogue. Heavy-hitters such as Chad Savage, Kyle Lewis and Kent Larson are dreams for this type of project. Here's the curious thing, though: I think these guys had LESS sex than the ladies of "Desperate Housewives." If I were Coco LaChine, I would have to do sequels in order to assure these guys keep boffing the neighbors to make it all equal!

DVD features: Chapters; bloopers (dialogue flubs and the always-irascible Brad Benton being himself!); gallery; trailers ("8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son," "Rear Factor," "Poolboy" and "Passions of War: Chapter 2: The Journey"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue

From GayVideoDad

We all know that Desperate Housewives was put together by a gay man, and now, not surprising, there's a gay porn version spoof of it, as there is with all good gay-friendly mainstream movies and TV shows. The narration starts off with a voiceover of someone who's dead, and the camera lingers on an upscale Southern California neighborhood equipped with hunky gardeners, beautiful pools and rather unpleasant looking women (well, of course, they're all drag queens, too!)

This is an amazingly admirable video by newcomer Coco LaChine for All Worlds, which is now taking a lot of chances with newbie directors, including former stars and even video reviewers who want to take a stab at directing. LaChine knows not only how to pair guys who fit will together, already shown in the first vids -- The Bachelor with Barrett Long's first starring role and Rear Factor -- but can LaChine do more than reality show spoofs? LaChine is good at lighting sets, getting the camera in just the right spots and telling a story that is funny as well as sexy. With great attention given to every detail, including the thumping music and blippy theme song, LaChine spoofs the hit show well with character names like Nick Sheridan. But, Desperate Husbands quickly becomes it its own entity and you quickly forget what it's based on.

The opening scene introduces all the characters of Poinsettia Lane, and no one seems particularly sad that voiceover character Mark is gone. However, a randy nephew finds a box of Uncle Mark's things, and that sets off a bunch of chance meetings that will get the tongues wagging in the neighborhood.

The first scene has a single dad, played by Kyle Lewis, who hires a mysterious plumber, played by Josh Adams, who was known to service the deceased Mark. The dead man's partner, played by the always comical Brad Benton, gets a basket of goodies for the party after the funeral and is asked to return the basket. When he's going to bring back the basket, he ends up being attracted by a nicer basket on Justin Wells as he comes out of the shower. Guess what? The towel drops, and Benton dives in to help cover up the nakedness -- with his mouth, that is! Benton gives a tireless blow job that turns into a fine 69 and culminates with Wells getting slammed in the ass by Benton.

The best scene is with new All Worlds find Stetson Gable, who's the sexy gardener holding his hose so sexily outside the house of Larson's window. So when he's done taking a shower, Larson watches with his hands through the sliding glass door and then slips outside with the gardener. Then when student Savage pops in, he catches the coach on his knees and joins in as they both service the dark and perfect gardener. Super-muscular Savage, with his perky chest and bubble butt, lovingly toys with Gable's nipples and hard chest. Larson then positions himself in front of both of the stone-hard dicks and takes turns swallowing them, pumping one, licking the other and then alternating.

After the gardener pops off quickly, the coach takes his prodigy into his bedroom, throws his wife's picture on the floor and then offers a satisfying rim to his prized student. But it's nice to see that it's the coach who offers his hole to his smaller-sized student. Savage climbs the coach like a mountain, and they go at it like quick bunnies, with the hairy older guy splaying his legs wide apart as he welcomes the young meat into his ass.

In some of the other pairings, Joshua Adams comes over to look at Kyle Lewis's pool and ends up deep-throating his neighbor in the process. Lewis tops Adams with the help of a few fingers. Collin O'Neal, decked out in leather, teams up with Ben Damon and beats his ass with a whip before they both spray all over.

The bloopers include some funny dialogue flubs and some cute facial expressions by the cute actor Brad Benton.

The comical cameos by the wives are priceless and add an occasional much-needed breather to the sex. One of them finds some allegedly straight men in bed together and has a heart attack, but it's funny, not tragic. This is destined to bring a new fine line. Just like the original is a mix of comedy and drama, this is a fine mix of eroticism and comedy.

- Mickey Skee

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