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Daddies / Sons
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Innocent young lads are taught how to take a cock all the way inside their tight, virgin assholes by their hard and horny older friends! See real rough and experienced men forcing their thick, throbbing meat between the sweet, trembling lips of boys young enough to be their sons! Smooth, supple and tender, these twinks are more than eager to have their peachy butts rammed, rimmed and slammed hard, before getting drenched in a deliciously thick shower of jizz!

1. Mark Henley, Dominic (am)
Starting as we mean to go on, Dads Fuck Lads begins with cheeky, tattooed Mark Henley stacking boxes in the back room. His tanned, smooth skin and toned, slender body make him the epitome of a cute twink and his perfect, peachy ass only confirms that fact! He's soon joined by boss Dominic, a big, broad dark-haired hunk, suited and booted, with strong, muscular thighs and a monster bulge in his pants! Dominic's not happy with the job Mark's doing, so he puts him to work on his massive, meaty cock, which is something Mark's much keener on! Soon Dominic has Marks overalls on the floor and the boy on his knees, choking on his fat dick! Seeing Dominic push his whole length up into Mark's tight, little hole is definitely the highlight of the scene, as the boy tenses and moans, clearly feeling each inch as it slides inside!

2. Leo Castro, Tristan Dean
Macho man of the house, Leo, is a tall, dark Latin hunk who's hung like a donkey and has a body to die for. Covered in smooth, olive skin that accentuates his rippling muscles, its no wonder pool boy Tristan cant keep his eyes off him when he comes to do his weekly clean, much less his hands! After noticing the boys high, firm ass and lean, hairless body, Leo's more than happy to take advantage of this pool boy crush, and wastes no time in opening those perfect butt cheeks up and stretching his hole to its limits! The twink ass is so tight that it has the older man blasting his heavy load of spunk all over the boy's smooth chest in next to no time!

3. Cameron Wilson, Anton Knight
Boy butler Cameron Wilson takes hospitality to a whole new level, when the cute, blue-eyed twink arrives at hairy hunk Anton's door! Catching the older man stroking his enormous erection, he's more than happy to oblige the dark-haired daddy when he asks for more than fresh towels! After sliding the manly meat stick between his sweet, red lips and swallowing it hungrily, he lets Anton gets to work on his completely smooth asshole, hungrily eating it out before plunging his boners deep inside and pounding him mercilessly! The best part is seeing the furry-chested fucker standing over the boy's lithe, young form, pumping gallons of cum all over his sweet, pale skin!

4. Logan McCree OrAtRgr, Vinnie D'Angelo OrgAtRrg, Brett Carter (cz) OgAbRgr
Finishing us off, we've got a filthy locker room threesome starring tattooed porn legend Logan McCree and his partner in crime Vinnie D'Angelo who find young stud Brett Carter and decide to give him their own special workout! Logan's perfect physique is complimented by the gorgeous black tattoos that cover almost his entire body, from head to toe. Even his huge dick is inked! Sporting some ink of his own, partner Vinnie is broad and burly, with a thick layer of fur on his chest and an equally impressive cock! They get straight down to business on blue eyed Brett, exploring his smooth, tanned body and playing with his tight asshole, before ordering him to his knees and giving him some personal training in cock sucking! The whole scene in truly intense and only gets hotter as the studs share Brett's ass and then dump copious amounts of spunk across the twinks eager face! Definitely a true classic and not a scene to be missed!

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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