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While you're not likely to see a chain of hotels like this one springing up along the interstate like the familiar Red Roof Inns, the "Muscle Bear Hotel" is the kind of pit stop that bear lovers like to dream about. Lurking just behind the keyholes of each anonymously numbered door is a burly stud eager to get his paws on fresh meat. These guests can't even make the short trek to the ice machine without getting into trouble.

The film is neatly broken up into titled segments, each outlining an area of the hotel where action is taking place. "The Grotto" is where four sexy bears have gathered around a small in-ground Jacuzzi for a skin session. It's the kind of coffee klatch that would be delightful to stumble upon as you check out the hotel's amenities, and by the time the viewer arrives on scene, the party's in full swing. Damien, a powerful looking guy with a handlebar moustache, seems to be the ringleader. Also in attendance are Steve Parker, Toby O'Connor and Jason Davis.

Jason makes a big show of being an utter dick pig, latching onto Damien's prick and blowing him while the other three sit and stroke. But Toby O'Connor can only be a voyeur for so long before he's compelled to put his cock in somebody's mouth. He steps up and challenges Jason, who quickly demonstrates that he has no problem doing double duty. I like Toby's cock. It's got spring to it, but is just too thick to do what it wants to do, slumping towards the floor, exhausted by its own effort. Not to be left out, Steve Parker huddles up for a group grope. After some heated petting, the men peel off into smaller combinations, giving Damien and Jason an opportunity to get intimate. Jason nurses on Damien's sizeable pecs, never losing his hot stiffie. After getting a quick peek at Jason's asshole, Damien takes his prize, stuffing Jason over a couple of deck chairs. Damien ends up spilling a delicious load over Jason's tail, the cream just beginning to slide deep into Jason's asscrack as he finishes unloading.

"Room 113" is where super-gorgeous Steve Major and the sensational Danny Mann retire after a playful basketball game. The slow and easy guitar underneath the scene sets the tone for their lovemaking. Some of our first snapshots of these guys are lovely: Steve spread out diagonally across the king-size bed, one arm tucked behind his bald head while Danny feasts at his crotch. When Steve rises up and dangles his butthole and balls over Danny's mouth, the thermometer in the room rises another degree or two. Check out Danny's feverish cock-pumping rhythm as he tries to work out his load. You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm.

And not to be mistaken with Room 113 is "Room 311," inhabited by Steve Parker and Matt Jarrod. This pair of oh-so dainty lovebirds gives the bedsprings a thorough once over. Matt barely stops blowing Steve long enough to get air, keeping his lips and mouth in constant motion between Steve's balls, nips and cock. But careful not to blink, or you're likely to miss that moment when Toby O'Connor joins the party. Toby is a bona fide cub, leaner and smoother than his bunkmates, but no less hungry. If anything, he's the most aggressive stud in the room, giving explicit verbal instruction as to how Matt should orally service Steve's manhole. Make no mistake -- Steve has no intention of bottoming. He ignores his own split-slick asshole and bones Toby. Then after he gets off, we get more fantastic visuals of Toby's pretty prick. Steve and Matt cuddle their cub in their arms, patiently waiting for him to blow his seed.

In "The Shower Area," a couple of bears, Danny Mann and Sam Medur, let the steam and suds soften up their fur while a third, Jack Van Dean, watches and strokes from a dark corner. The best thing about this hook-up? Danny and Sam's sensual kissing. Their slow and tender style communicates real feeling. Director Steven LaButch must have filmed this one on the sly, at night. The only illumination seems to be coming from one or two rather large flashlights, making it difficult to fully appreciate the water play.

The light is much better in "The Steamroom." Jack and Sam are politely keeping their towels draped over their crotches while they warm up with some nipple exploration. But steamroom etiquette goes completely out the window when Jack decides to get more aggressive. Dropping to his knees on the tile floor, he puts Sam's prick into his warm mouth and soaks it in as much spit as he can muster. Emboldened, Sam drags Jack onto his feet and humps him from the rear. For his part, Jack is not quite finished blowing his new buddy, but eventually submits, riding Sam while diddling his own excited cock. Finally Jack finds Sam's joy buzzer ... his plump nips. A few licks and one good pull is all it takes to make Sam cum.

At the "Muscle Bear Hotel," there's no slowing Danny Mann. He quickly moves onto "The Video Room" where he tangles with Dan Rider and Jack Van Dean. He quickly enlists Jack's help, and between the two of them, they attempt to service a very horny Dan. Dan's a handsome muscle bear, not just because of his impressive bulk and luscious fur, but he's got an appealing and subtle streak of gray at the temples, giving him an undeniable air of authority. The most thrilling moment of the entire flick finds slutty Danny and his partner in crime Jack Van Dean with their backs slightly arched and their asses prominently on display for Dan to rim. It's obvious that it's Danny's ass that Dan prefers. He bends him over one arm of the couch so he can better explore. Jack and Danny eventually flip-flop as tops for one another, leaving the upholstery stained with sweat and cum.

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