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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-08-14 | by unknown |
Nasty Nasty is the gay porn equivalent of a beach novel - good story, great characters, riveting action, and plenty of flip-flops! It is the second video of the new studio of director Jett Blakk, Red Devil Productions. Blakk�s specialty is story porn - his first Red Devil video was The Bombardier, a World War II flyboy romance. Now he�s made a thriller using the classic tale of twin brothers - one good, one bad.

The film opens with a black & white hospital flashback, where a doctor, wearing a stylish black ring, delivers twin boys from his mistress, who promptly dies. It�s followed by one of the most professional opening credit sequence ever to grace gay porn, with Hitchcockian music by Jake Render and graphics by Adam Rom.

The screen now turns color and splits in two, showing the storylines of each twin. It opens on two identical young men enjoying their morning masturbation; apparently the twins were separated at birth. It�s a leisurely scene that lets us admire Nasty Nasty�s star, the young, tautly-muscled brunette newcomer Jason Ridge. Ridge was a struggling actor-turned-escort in Chicago when Blakk discovered him. He is a stunning young man, the spitting image of a young Ben Affleck. He also has real acting chops, creating two distinct characters for the twins. On the left, �Will� is a slightly fey hairdresser in a white t-shirt who is excited to see his first commercial on TV. On the right, �Jason� is a street tough in a black t-shirt and wearing his father�s ring who is threatened by mob enforcer Rob Romoni over a $20,000 debt. When Jason also sees the commercial and realizes he has a twin, he hatches his wicked scheme.

In his salon, Will confesses to bodacious blond client Andrew Addams that he needs excitement in his life. Addams (an award-winning gay porn editor before stepping in front of the camera) suggests the local highway restroom, so Will heads out, turning him over to assistants Doug Jeffries and Alex Leon who give Addams �the works� - namely a mind-blowing three-way. It begins with a hands-free blowjob by Leon of Addams, who follows suit by pulling Jeffries� cock out of his pants and chowing down. This is one of the most enthusiastic three-ways you will ever see. The oral reciprocity continues into the anal action, with two ass-pounding daisy chains. First up is Leon fucking Addams fucking Jeffries, followed by Leon fucking Jeffries fucking Addams. The camerawork is superlative, luxuriating over the men�s rippled, naturally hairy and fully-tanned bodies, and diving deep into the action. It�s a winner!

Meanwhile, Jason stops for a piss at the highway rest stop where coincidentally Will is nervously waiting in a stall with a glory hole. Unaware of who�s on the other side, Jason sticks his hard-on through the hole, but when a stranger enters, the scared Will runs away. The stranger is Paul Johnson, a journeyman porn performer who has not gotten the attention he deserves - this Marine-cropped beefy stud defines butch. (Note to Titan Media - here�s your next star.)

He is also a total sex pig, and as their mouths eat each other�s lips, pits and tits, their hands grope everywhere else. Johnson demonstrates an award-winning deep throat face-fuck that is inspiring - he goes down to the pubes without a gurgle. Ridge reciprocates as best he can, and then they turn to their asses. First, Ridge leans over the sink counter to let Johnson ram his hole, maintaining wood the entire time. Then, as Ridge sits on the counter, Johnson squats down to impale himself and rides the kid for all he�s worth. The men continue to flip, with first Ridge then Johnson taking it missionary style. Again, the camerawork is exquisite, gliding over the gleaming skin of the glistening men. GayVN - you have one of your �Best Duo� nominations right here!

Meanwhile, Romoni has tailed Jason to the rest stop, where he sees Will leave. Realizing something�s afoot, he heads to the hospital to check birth records, where he discovers the twin births. But first he has to get past janitor Sal Correlli. When a cash bribe doesn�t work, the thug pulls out his cock, and the little Latin spitfire falls to his knees. It�s a fun scene, but neither man is in the same cocksucking league as the rest of the cast, and the one-sided fuck of Correlli by Romoni has more bouncing than actual penetration. It�s OK sex, but by now we�ve come to expect better.

Jason has found Will and gives his brother a surprise family reunion. The conversation between the two brothers - all carefully edited by Ann Igma - reveals that Will is a virgin. He gladly lets his twin seduce him, who shows his filial affection by giving Will their father�s ring.

Thus begins the final scene with a lot of clever editing to portray twin incest. Basically, everything is shot twice, with Ridge switching positions. Some may find it too clever, letting the fancy editing distract them from the hot sex - and it is very hot!

The final doggie-style fuck definitely works the best; the camera goes in for the anal closeup and then pans either left to show Ridge as the bottom, or up to show Ridge as the top. You start to believe there really are twins there. Still, you gotta wonder who the other body is, and the closing credits give special thanks to fellow young, tautly-muscled brunette newcomer Danny Rhymes - wink, wink!

As they fall into either other�s arms, Romoni storms in with gun cocked. Of course he can�t tell who�s who, so he looks for the ring. So what happens next? Watch it and find out!

Cast:  Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Sal Correlli, Paul Johnson, Andrew Addams, Doug Jeffries, Alex Leon, Danny Rhymes, Nick Piston

Director: Jett Blakk
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