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MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt & Elder Harward Prepared to Teach

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Description“Shhhh. Keep quiet. There are other people in the building!” Elder Hardt said, without stopping. He was quiet as he quickly buried the length of his dick with deep long strokes. Elder Harward clearly was holding back, having to concentrate to not let his quiet whimpers become ecstatic screams of pleasure.

“Did you lock the door?” Elder Harward managed to get out, between thrusts.

“Yes,” Elder Hardt answered with a reassuring smile while continuing to pound Elder Harward’s backside.

The two missionaries had spent the morning preparing a lesson for an upcoming stake fireside. At noon they took a break to meet an investigator at the Stake Center. But the investigator wasn’t there when they arrived, so they decided to wait in the high priest’s meeting room and continue with their lesson prep.

After waiting almost an hour, it was obvious they had been stood up. And thinking about the brethren inducting young men on the table where they were studying, that was making their anatomy stand up…and now they might have some extra time on their hands.

While Mormon missionary boys are always fairly horny, these missionaries were especially aroused.

“I can’t stop thinking about what usually goes on in this room,” Elder Harward admitted while adjusting his growing, active, member.

The two elders were well aware of how many other missionaries had been inseminated on the meeting room table. Assuming they had a little private time on their hands, the boys decided to give in and enjoy their privacy.
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