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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-27 |
This beautiful young man is rubbing his cock through the thick fabric of his blue jeans as the video opens. His cock is fully hard inside his pants and it doesn't take long before he stands up and pushes his pants down around his ankles.

His massive rod is straining to be free against the thin fabric of his underwear and he takes a moment to show off his meaty shaft. So close... but still hidden from view! He gives his cock a couple of strokes then hooks his underwear down under his balls.

Holy crap, that cock is freaking huge. Not just big. Big and thick. And uncut. It's a big, thick, uncut cock!

He holds his massive pecker up and looks at the camera with that shit-eating grin again. Proud as punch that his cock is big enough to hurt! He gives his cock a couple of strokes to keep things moving and the camera comes in for a delicious close-up.

His beautiful rod curves ever so slightly to his left as he slides the foreskin down off the swollen head already glistening with precum. This twink is horny as fuck!

He gives the camera a good long look at his junk before pulling his legs up to reveal his well puckered asshole. Playing with a finger around the rim before poking the tip inside his body. His feet curl and flex as he gets used to being opened up from behind one more time
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