Brad Rowe MG-3 by Jumbod

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Description[FFL] Brad Rowe MG-3 by Jumbod
Hey men, here's the next Load in the MuscleGallery series > Brad Rowe … one amazing guy. Here's the site blurb on him …

"Brad Rowe is originally from New Hampshire, and is currently living in New Jersey. He has a sports background, playing football in high school and college, but only recently he decided to compete in bodybuilding. In December 2010 Brad won the Heavyweight Class and the Overall title at the NPC Excalibur in Los Angeles, which is one of the most prestigious shows on the West Coast. Brad is 5' 9" tall and competes at 225 lb., carrying an off season weight of 250 lb.. Congratulations to Brad Rowe!"

Okay, this is another BIG file … I've included a number of extras so that by the time you go through them all you'll know this dude quite well. Ya, so the file contains the following …….

1. The main MG file consisting of the original site .mov files joined together and chapterized for QuickTime … beefy HOT ...

2. An mp4 file of #1 for windows dudes …

3. Two SlideShows I did of Brad - one .mov (1920 x 1080), and one .mp4 (1280 x 720) … both are H-264/AAC so they should both work … but I included the smaller one for the windows platform … just to be sure … both are about 450 mbs.

4. A couple of free tubers … one HD of him Roof posing, and another gym shot … nice files.

5. Fourteen (14) Tuber workout files … some a bit wobbly, but cool enough for those who are interested.

6. A zip pic. file with about 250 items … I gotta say that this dude is VERY Artsy Photogenic … almost all of his MG pics. are HOT … one reason I decided to make the slideshows.

Brad Rowe by 1.14 GB
Brad Rowe by Jumbod.mp4 528.63 MB
Brad Rowe SlideShowFull by 431.43 MB
Brad Rowe Slideshow by Jumbod.mp4 411.93 MB
Universal Athlete Brad Rowe Back & Bi 11:16:10.mp4 185.38 MB
Brad Rowe Legs 11:17:10.mp4 180.07 MB
Universal Bodybuilding Camp Q&A.flv 130.69 MB
Brad Rowe Universal Athlete Back.mp4 111.44 MB
Brad Rowe Universal Athlete Shoulders 2 26 11.mp4 98.74 MB
B. Rowe atleta Universal - Treino de Ombro.flv 64.28 MB
Brad Rowe + Antoine Vaillant Hamstring excercise.mp4 40.22 MB
Brad Rowe Pic files .zip 23.26 MB
Brad Rowe tricep tripple set.mp4 21.88 MB
Brad Rowe Universal Athlete on the roof.mp4 19.26 MB
Brad Rowe squat 405x15.mp4 18.40 MB
Brad Rowe Dumbbell Shoulder Press.mp4 16.64 MB
Brad Rowe DB shrugs.mp4 16.34 MB
Brad Rowe tricep pushdown.mp4 16.01 MB
Brad Rowe DB incline.mp4 15.82 MB
Brad Rowe Smith Shoulder Press.mp4 15.44 MB
Brad Rowe - 6.59 MB
Brad Rowe by 814.92 kB
TeaserTwo.jpg 78.56 kB
TeaserOne.jpg 74.58 kB

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