♺ The Best Of Scott O'Hara (Part 1)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-30 |
Updated: 24-11-2014 - The late, great Scott O'Hara (1961-1998) was so well endowed that during the 1980's he was awarded the title "The man with the biggest dick in San Francisco". Nicknamed 'Spunk', the published measurements of Scott's penis varies from 9.5 to 11 inches (24 to 28 centimeters). From 1983 to 1988, he appeared in over twenty films, in several of which he displays a passion for kinky play and his rare ability of auto-fellatio.

Split in two parts this home-made collection is not in chronological order, does not pretend to be complete and only includes the best of Scott's early precondom-era performances.

This first part includes the more 'regular' Scott O'Hara performances with 7 scenes taken from 'California Blue', 'Sgt Swann's Private Files', 'Oversize Load' 'Stick Shift' and 'Lovers & Friends'.

Contents Part 1:
Scene 01 - 1983 Caught Stealing* (Edited scene 3 from CBP 'California Blue' - 15:31)
The first part of the collection takes-off with an outdoor scene with Scott, John Kass and Nick Dallas playing a cop. In the movie this scene included no less than 17 interludes during which Scott narrates the storyline (whilst playing with his mammoth meat). As this seriously distracts from the main scene I edited all these interruptions out. Directed by Brad Bennett, Scott's appearance in this feature film was supposedly his debut in porn.

Scene 02 - 1985 Scott Solo* (Scene 1 from SB 'Sgt Swann's Private Files' - 6:51)
Scene 03 - 1985 Individual instruction* (Scene 2 from SB 'Sgt Swann's Private Files' - 19:21)
Opens with a Scott solo performance including his speciality auto-fellatio, after which Glenn Swann joins him. Named in the credits as Scott O'Hare. Feature film directed by Chris Stevens.

Scene 04 - 1986 Truck Fuck* (Scene 2 from SS 'Oversize Load' - 20:36)
Scene 05 - 1986 Truck Stop Catch* (Scene 3 from SS 'Oversize Load' - 17:00)
During the first scene Scott is fucked by truck driver Cody Steele (although a preferred bottom this is one of only a few precondom scenes in which Scott takes that role). In the second he tops Ken Worth in the restroom of a highway truck stop. Shot on location. Feature film directed by Al Parker.

Scene 06 - 1986 Car Repair Shop* (Scene 2 from HV 'Stick Shift' - 17:09)
Scene with Michael Vincent and Mick Dean in a car repair shop, including Scott performing his auto-fellatio trick again. Feature film directed by Tony Matteo.

Scene 07 - 1985 Gym Lovers* (Scene 3 from CP 'Lovers & Friends' - 9:40)
Scene in the locker room of a gym with Joel Curry. Feature film directed by Ron Pearson.

* As many of Scott's scenes were never released as seperate loops with each a title of its own, to give the scene some distinction I gave it this title.

CBP = California Blue Productions
SB = Seabag Productions
SS = Surge Studio
HV = HIS Video
CP = Celsius Productions

Please do not share this collection on other trackers.

Part two includes another 6 scenes (some of which are Scott's more 'kinkier' performances) taken from 'Below The Belt', 'Ramcharger', 'The Other Side Of Aspen II', 'Winner Takes All', 'Slaves For Sale' and 'In Your Wildest Dreams' and can be found here:

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Rollo Productions - SFO (San Francisco Orgy) (1983)

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