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Corbin Fisher's Trenton

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DescriptionOne of Corbin Fisher's Hottest Model Trenton

A Collection of some of his Hottest Scenes

Kellan and Trenton are getting to be good buddies!  They spent some quality time with one another during our Tahoe shoot, and we’ve already seen them in some intense action together.  Their two previous encounters involved Kellan topping Trenton, but the tables turn for this one as it’s Trenton on top and drilling Kellan!

These guys really do get along and you can see that at the outset of this episode - as they hang out on the bed and talk to Pete it’s clear they’ve gotten to know one another during their time at CF and their prior experiences with one another have generated quite the connection.

That all most definitely plays out with the action here, as it is both playful and intense.  While there’s passionate making out early on, once Trenton’s hot cock finds its way inside Kellan’s ass the hormones take over with both guys some fast and furious fucking begins.  It’d seem Trenton wants to pay Kellan back for the times Kellan fucked him before, and he does all he can to drive Kellan wild with his cock.  Kellan is more than ok with that, and takes it all.  By the time they’re done, Kellan’s hole is full of Trenton’s load and Trenton’s face is covered in Kellan’s.
There’s no rest for the weary at CF - Truman fairly recently got fucked for the very first time and how he’s back to take Trenton’s cock! As we all know, Trenton is intense and passionate and has to be one of the most energetic and horny guys at CF, so Truman is in for quite the drilling - and Truman clearly doesn't mind that one bit.  Perhaps he wasn't weary so much as ready for more!

Once Truman gets Trenton’s dick in him, he knows it feels good and knows he wants more of it. While he’s face down gasping and grunting with each of Trenton’s thrusts, you can see Truman’s back is arched and ass is pushed up in the air - he’s loving Trenton’s cock and wants as much of it as he can get!

Being on the receiving end of such a fucking from Trenton makes Truman blast off a massive load that shoots far and just keeps on coming! Those fast, hard thrusts from Trenton alternating with deep and long strokes must have been hitting every possible spot!
As you can see in all of the extended b-roll included in our Tahoe videos, the days started early and were filled with quite a lot of fun stuff, from the sex (of course!) to the guys out and about and exploring Tahoe. Every morning, these guys woke up ready to take on whatever the day had in store for them, and what this particular day had in store for Kellan and Trenton was some intense sex! These two really wanted to go at it with one another, and almost did the night before this scene was filmed. They manage to hold off and get some sleep, though, and that just leads to their waking up in the morning all the more ready, eager, and energized. As they trade blow jobs, you can see there’s a real connection between them and can also see neither can wait any longer for the fucking to start. Kellan totally takes charge of Trenton’s hole, and Trenton can’t get enough of Kellan’s hard dick inside him. They roll all over the bed, fucking non-stop, until Kellan drives his own dick deep up in to Trenton and fucks a huge load out of him - that sprays directly in to Kellan’s mouth and all over his face! Kellan’s not the only one who gets to start the day off with a hot load for breakfast, as he soon feeds his to Trenton.
CF fans have been pretty excited about Marc's being back and appearing in a bunch of new videos, and count me among those thrilled he's returned!  Not only has Marc returned after a bit of a break, but he's also looking hotter than ever!  The Tahoe trip was Marc's first with us, and I think it's safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tahoe really is a great place to shoot some hot action - tons of secluded spots to sneak off to and film some stuff, and beautiful scenery all around.  In the case of Trenton and Marc here, they took advantage of one of those secluded spots to get in to some heavy making out and even some hot sucking.  A bunch of the guys were out on a hike, but I guess Trenton and Marc just couldn't wait any more so detached themselves from the group to get it on with one another.

They do finally make their way back to the lodge for what truly does have to be one of the hottest episodes we could hope for - Trenton fucks Marc hard and deep, and Marc loves every bit of it.  These two were clearly in to one another, and you can see the tremendous passion as they go at it.  I'm not sure we've ever seen Marc enjoy getting fucked so much, nor do I think we've seen Trenton be such a stellar top!
When you get a bunch of young guys together or an amazing adventure, great stuff is going to come out of it! That's as true for Scandalous in Scandinavia as anything else, if not more so! The guys had a blast while exploring Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and all certainly bonded with one another. A benefit of their all spending such a fun time together? Insanely hot sex once we teamed them up in some action and fired up the cameras! Trenton and Brayden are two of CF's brightest new stars, and the action here showcases precisely why. Filmed entirely on location in Copenhagen and including extended b-roll footage of these hot young studs exploring the town, Trenton drilling Brayden's hole must not be missed!
When it comes to newer models who've shown incredible enthusiasm and aren't afraid to demonstrate just how great they think action with another guy can feel, Trenton and Easton definitely stand out! Right from their very first pairings with fellow CF studs, each of these young men set all inhibitions aside and embraced what clearly felt good to them, and it's shown in all their action since.

What they get in to here is no exception, as they immediately take to pleasuring and getting pleasure from one another - they're playing around in the pool for only a short while before they can't keep their hands and mouths off one another and the suits come off.

But this video is about more than just two young studs making each other feel good. There is some intense passion, mixed with playfulness, that makes it a perfect example of how hot things can be when two young, ripped-bodied, athletic young college men get in to it with one another. Trenton can't get enough of Easton's cock in him, and Easton can't get enough of Trenton's hole; when they blow their loads, each clearly wants to eat up as much of the other's cum as possible

A short time after Trenton's first bottoming scene (with Kent), I asked him how it went. He confessed to his liking bottoming much more than he thought he would, and admitted it felt pretty good - though any of us that saw him in that first bottoming video knew that already!

I jokingly said, "Now we just need to get you to bottom for Chandler".

Trenton's eyes got wide at that, and he shook his head. "I don't know if I could do that!".

Well he most certainly can do that, and he most certainly loved it! We knew Trenton found he liked getting fucked, and so we knew he'd love Chandler's huge dick inside him! What's more, Chandler doesn't just have a huge dick - he knows how to use it! And he rocks Trenton's world with that cock in this super hot shower fuck that ends with Trenton feeding on Chandler's massive load!
Trenton gets fucked! Need I say any more than that?!

Trenton is definitely one of the most popular Freshmen we've had lately, and this video has to be one of the most anticipated vids of the summer. Trenton is hot as heck, and seeing him at the outset of this video just reinforces that - his smile is priceless, and his visible nervousness is part of what makes him so appealing.

Kent doesn't let Trenton's nerves get the best of him, though, as he grabs Trenton for some deep and intense kissing and that's all it takes to put Trenton at ease for everything to follow, including getting a hard dick in his ass for the first time.

First with his tongue, then his fingers, and then his cock, Kent stretches Trenton's hole until he's pounding him hard. Trenton's facial expressions and the noises he makes just make it all that much hotter!
Trenton and Brayden represent a great group of relative newcomers that have made CF their own, and shown themselves to be perfect Dean's List prospects - they each look great, love sex, love getting in to some hot action with their fellow CF studs, and are willing to try most anything we might ever ask of them. They each made the Scandinavia shoot quite fun, and each had themselves a blast in the process.

These guys' enthusiasm for sex is evident in every scene they're in, and they perfectly represent the horny, young, enthusiastic American college guy that we love here at CF! Indeed, each reminds me of Josh in his earlier days at CF, when he was the fresh-faced newcomer exploring things and realizing just how much he loved some hot action with other guys.

How could we not get these three in a scene together?! They take a break from exploring the sites in Norway (of which there's loads of b-roll footage included with this video) to get in to a truly wild, intense, hardcore threesome, taking turns burying their hot cocks in tight holes, swallowing dicks balls-deep, and even making a Josh sandwich as he rides Trenton while Brayden rides him. By the end of it all, cum has sprayed everywhere - though mostly in to Brayden's mouth!
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