BoyRride - Skye Riding

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DescriptionPrevious upload: 2009-04-21 - by: buxadera
A str8 boy's visit with his bud in California turns into a guy on guy sex-a-thon!
Skye learns new tricks with Noah in a jerkoff contest for boards, stumbles onto Lane and Raif leading to a hot threeway, and gets seduced by Bryce in his sleep!

Scene 1 - Backward-baseball-capped Skye introduces the scene talking about his trip to Southern California and how much he loves skateboarding then, WHAM along comes his friend Noah. Turns out Noah has a skateboard that Skye really wants. He's come up with a plan for a little jerkoff contest, and whoever cums farthest wins the other's deck! What Sky doesn't know is Noah has a secret up his sleeve as he hasn't popped on in a while and plans on bustin' a huge nut. Who wins custody of the board, is your guess.
Scene 2 -  Two surfers, short-haired Lane and long-haired Raif, start out discussing the day on the breaks dressed in black wetsuits. But they help each other out of them, and find something else inside them to talk about. Lane asks if Raff ever fucked a guy and seductively goes down on his friend. Skye wanders in and Raif goes for his cock. Lane goes for it too, then for both cocks at once. Lots of sucking follows and before you know, Lane is getting fucked by both his buddies. The fuckers take turns, Raif's fucking him until he cums on Lane's belly when Skye cums on Lane's face
Scene 3 - Skye and redhead Bryce discuss a surfing MOVIE, but fortunately Skye falls asleep and Bryce stealthily gets into his pants. While Bryce sucks him, Skye dreams of Raff and Kyler, a movie-star-beautiful blond, making tumultuous love, the movie's best scene by far. The enormous ass on slim Kyler is a monument to sodomy-but it's he who sucks Raff's animal-hairy hole. Never fear, Raif gets in that golden butt, has a ball, and cums that pretty face.
Scene 4 -  Meantime, Bryce is having a whole lot of fun-a mouth-hole load-when Skye awakes and starts a romantic butt-hugging sixty-nine session that evolves naturally into Bryce riding boner like a Triple Crown jockey. He handles cock so well you'd think he had one himself!

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