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SamuelOToole - Samuel O Toole & Duke Ryder

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Samuel O'Toole has an ATV sitting around in his garage just collecting dust, so he's decided to'sell it on the internet. Duke Ryder has answered the ad, come over to take a look, and is now fighting the hard-on he has in his pants for the damn thing. It's sweeter in person than the pics suggested, and Duke has got stars in his eyes now that hels sitting in the driverls seat. Only one problem: Hels about $500 short of Sammyls asking price. Now $500 is a decent amount of bread that Sammy cannot just overlook or pardon. However, Sammy is a man of opportunity, and he realizes that sometimes opportunity is hiding and needs to be unearthed, sometimes opportunity needs to be seized, and sometimes opportunity is $500 short with a really nice ass.Considering the parameters, Sammy has a pretty good idea of how Duke can square up and make the deal. And Duke knows it, so he hits his knees and begins to take Sammy's massive cock into his mouth. Slobbering on Sammy's knob for a while, Sammy is convinced this is a negotiation where everyone will win, so he bends Duke over and begins to fuck him up against the Quad. Now when Duke was straddling the ATV, he thought to himself, Wow, all this power between my legs  but needless to say, once Sammy enters his back door he realizes that the real machine between his legs isn't a yellow off-road quad.Give him the full throttle Sammy, and get your money's worth!Enjoy!
2012-02-19 14:13:49
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