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SMIT Muscle frat stud part 1-5

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DescriptionMuscle Frat Stud - Part 1

This college frat boy with the muscular, defined body and the face of
a Greek god was left alone in the frat house basement, bound and gagged,
supposedly as part of a frat hazing.  But in reality the pledge master resented
his good looks, athletic ability, his cocky arrogance and his attraction to every
co-ed on campus, and has arranged a payback to bring him down a notch or two.
A strange, masked man enters the room, he's been given complete access to
the young pledge, and begins a night of horror, rip stripping, fondling and
abusing the terrified young man.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 2

This strange pervert enjoys himself as he cuts and tears at the pledges clothes,
slowly stripping him naked, revealing the muscular body of the young college man.
The ripping sound of his jeans fill the room, adding to the pledge's terror and
humiliation, knowing he's being assaulted and unable to defend himself while
the strange hands feel and manhandle every inch of his body.  When only his
white briefs remain, the man begins to rip and tear them slowly, one bit at
a time, while the pledge struggles in vain, until he's been stripped naked.
Then the man steps back to enjoy the sight of this young hunk struggling
naked and powerless, terrified of what's to come next.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 3

The masked man is enjoying himself, tormenting the now naked pledge,
With a riding crop and flogger he whips the young naked body, turned on
by the sight of the student dancing in his attempts to avoid the whip and
crying out in pain and anguish when the blows land.  The nude young
man is defenseless and at his mercy, to do with as he pleases, and
he's pleased with the fear he knows he's caused.  When he tires of
the whips, the masked man begins to attach clothes pins to his chest
and sides, each one causing a sharp, stabbing pain as it's attached.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 4

Once the clothes pins are on, the masked man twists them, knowing
the pain that causes and loving the way the naked pledge jumps and gasps
in pain.  Finally he tires of this game, and slowly removes each one, know
the pain inflicted as the blood rushes back to each site.  Now he turns his
attention to the pledges exposed cock and balls.  He ties a leather cord to
the base of his balls and pulls tight to stretch them out.  With his riding
crop he whips the pledge's manhood as he dances in pain, yelling out
with each strike as waves of pain and nausea overwhelm him but
he's powerless to defend his pride and joy.  Where has his arrogance
gone now.  But one final horror awaits him.

Muscle Frat Stud - Part 5

The poor pledge feared this all along, a total assault to his youthful,
manly pride.  Tied to a bench, face down and legs spread, his poor
asshole completely exposed and vulnerable, the man fingers his exposed
anus before pushing in as the pledge groans in pain and shame.  This is the
ultimate insult for this straight lady's man.  The masked man moves on,
fucking the pledge with a number of dildos, enjoying the sight of his
muscular butt being invaded, the pain and degradation.  But then the
unimaginable happens.  It was just an involuntary response, but to his
horror his cock starts to grow hard.  The masked man sees this and
takes advantage, he intentionally rubs the prostate with the dildo until
the humiliated and defeated pledge shoots a thick load,
then lays there is shame and disbelief.

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