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Ivy League  66 Min.  (1985)  Big Ram Productions  Director: Toby Ross  Starring: Brandon Wilde, Danny Connors, Ken Colbert, Michael Thomas, Rance Edwards, Randy Davidson, Rick Donovan.

This is the story of Rick (Randy Davidson) and his experiences with the randy dicks at an Ivy League School. First, a blindfolded Rick (Randy Davidson) gets initiated by guessing the identity of the guy he's blowing. Later in the lockerroom, after nerdy Sydney (Rick Donovan) gets teased, he is consoled to the point of orgasm by his mate, Baxter (Ken Colbert). Then, at a party, Coach (Brandon Wilde) gives Jonathan (Danny Connors) special dick treatment first with his throat and then with his butt as the horny bartender (Rance Edwards) strokes himself and watches. Next, Baxter (Ken Colbert) and Rick (Randy Davidson) interrupt their studying with an oral exam of their own followed by Rick (Randy Davidson) and Angelo (Michael Thomas) jerking off in their dorm room.
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