ChaosMen: Glenn & Trevor Raw Edge

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Oldies but still hot.

Glenn finally requested some time in the Edge chair, and after all this time, I figured he was well-beyond being a nervous -first-timer and we could push the scene. The last couple Edge videos I have filmed, the guys have been too uptight about doing any of the fantasy elements.

So with Glenn eager to do the video, I figured if I put him with Trevor, I could get a very ‘interactive’ Edge video for a change. I knew Glenn was totally Trevor’s type of guy, so if things got a little out of hand, he would be down for anything.

We played a bit with reversing the roles. Kind of a “who is servicing who” type of video. Some great fucking, and I think this was the first time Glenn struggled to accommodate a dude’s cock. Trevor is quite hung!

2021-11-24 05:35:53
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