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Original upload: 2015-04-14 |
A little collection of scenes with the hot japanese porn actor Koh Masaki. Somes scenes are bareback, other not. Some scenes have masks too. But it doesn't matter. See Koh Masaki in action, it already gives me a hard on.

Contains 8 scenes plus the screen shots
Scenes/Koh Masaki_Sexy Massage.mpg 228.47 MB
Scenes/Threesome with Masaki Koh.mp4 192.67 MB
Scenes/Koh Masaki fucks bareback.mp4 145.50 MB
Scenes/Losing a Forbidden Flower Part 1 Masaki Koh.mp4 142.64 MB
Scenes/Koh Masaki fucks Athletic Guy Bareback.mp4 134.96 MB
Scenes/Losing a Forbidden Flower Part 2 Masaki Koh.mp4 122.87 MB
Scenes/Japanese Rough Sex_DP.mp4 106.66 MB
Scenes/Koh Masaki Bareback double cum.mpg 101.62 MB

Format: MP4 and mpg

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