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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-18 |
This BNIP film continues the bucknaked sexcapades, bringing you more wild and edgy action
you expect from the CITY JACK series!  Your BNIP BUDS get naked and very busy in a variety
of potentially risky public locales, pulling off nude dares and mansex acts of naked nastiness!
You'll watch several of your favorites and bold new BNIP BUDS as well in public sex action
including extensive male nudity, erections, masturbation, oral copulation and ejaculations!
CITY JACK 4 features six scenes filled with hot, real, sweaty and sleazy mansex including:

BNIP BUDS NAKED PHIL and RIK ARIES get nasty together at the
end of an alley on a windy afternoon.  In broad daylight, our BUDS
hang out near some trash cans with their pants pulled down around
their ankles.  Our horny BUDS jack themselves and each other,
then exchange blow jobs.  Meanwhile a man on foot and a chick
on a motorcycle get an eyeful when coming through the alley.
In view of multiple surrounding buildings, NAKED PHIL pops a load.
Then RIK spits on his boner and jacks until he splooges on the
pavement to finish off this downtown daytime sexcapade!
(2 BNIP BUDS, 2 cum shots, 6 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

BNIP favorite BOY PHILIP strips naked on a fire escape on the front
of a commercial building overlooking a very heavily traveled downtown
street and major intersection.  Vehicles cruise by on the busy four-lane
roadway, pedestrians walk under the fire escape and our nude BUD
jacks his hard bone!  While cars are backed-up from a traffic light,
BOY PHILIP is spotted by people on the sidewalk and blows his wad
which shoots down to the street below, narrowly missing a passerby!
(1 BNIP BUD, 1 cum shot, 6 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

Downtown in an unkempt public restroom known for cruisy action,
in a three way jack and suckfest.  Your BUDS take turns in the stalls
sitting on the cans, while masturbating and orally servicing each other.
All three of your BUDS wind up naked except for their footwear,
showing off raging erections.  Later your BUDS come out of the stalls
and blatantly carry on right out in the open men's room next to a utility
sink.  The sucking and stroking continues and one by one each of these
three naked men shoot big wads for us on the dirty restroom linoleum.
(3 BNIP BUDS, 3 cum shots, 10 minutes, Risk Factor 7*).

BNIP BUD TODD ROCKAWAY is parked in his butch muscle car
and playing with his hot meat.  Traveling on foot, BNIP newbie JASON
spots TODD and comes in for a closer look.  Leaning against a cargo
van, JASON strips off his jacket and shirt while checking out TODD
wanking in the car.  TODD then steps out of the vehicle and our BUDS
boldly jack off together in full view of several surrounding buildings.
The action is temporarily interrupted when a security guard shows up!
Later, JASON wanks watching TODD stroking himself to orgasm in the
front seat of the car, then TODD eats his own splooge off his hand!
(2 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 10 minutes, Risk Factor 8*).

BNIP discovery FRANCISCO DEL ORO makes his adult film debut
bucknaked in an office elevator!  Our hot and trim young BUD
is totally nude, (even barefoot), and getting busy with Webmaster
MITCH HIGHTOWER right in the middle of a workday afternoon!
The elevator doors remain wide open to the top floor lobby while
our BUDS masturbate together, share passionate deep kisses,
exchange oral sex favors and shoot their wads on the elevator floor!
(2 BNIP BUDS, 2 cum shots, 11 minutes, Risk Factor 7*).

BNIP BUD BOY PHILIP is riding in the back seat of a European
luxury sedan totally naked.  Being driven through the big city,
our BOY PHILIP gets nasty with BNIP hottie RIK ARIES, giving one
of his trademark deep throat blow jobs.  Our naked BUDS go at it,
trading oral favors in the back seat.  Passing motorists, commuters
on buses, tourists in trolley cars and unsuspecting pedestrians at stop
lights and in crosswalks get an eyeful of the action inside the car.
The driver takes our BUDS on a ride through very busy downtown
streets and shopping districts filled with people on a sunny weekend
afternoon.  The scene finishes when our BUDS park on a side street
and continue the suck and jackfest until BOY PHILIP pops a load.
(2 BNIP BUDS, 1 cum shot, 14 minutes, Risk Factor 9*).
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