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♺ [HBL] Shane Stone and Justin Harris

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Handsome, muscular young studs Shane Stone & Justin Harris have a passionate and intense session, Justin getting facefucked by Shanes very thick uncut dick, before getting rimmed and fucked hard in 3 positions, then both lads shoot ALOT. Incredibly hot guys, incredibly strong sex. Amazing, not to be missed! Get ready for one of the horniest scenes in a long time, with super hot, very handsome studs Shane Stone (who does not appear on any other site) and Justin Harris. Both guys do alot of sport and have amazing bodies, muscular and smooth, and with thick uncut cocks too. They were eager to work with each other as soon as they saw pics of each other, and when they got together, they were rock hard and couldnt keep their hands off each other. Its a very passionate and intense scene. Starting off in shiny sports kit, both lads kiss and grope, rubbing each others cocks, already rock hard inside their shorts. Removing their vests, revealing their seriously hot bodies, solid pecs and ripped 6 packs, and check out the bulging biceps on young Shane as well.. eager to taste each other, Justin licks and sucks on Shanes nipples, gripping Shanes throbbing cock as he does so. Shane takes his turn licking and sucking Justins beautiful pecs, before pushing him down onto his knees... Justin rubs and squeezes the big throbbing bulge in Shanes shorts, then peels them down, releasing Shanes very thick juicy uncut cock. He licks around the foreskin, then slowly pulls it back, and begins to suck slowly, going about halfway down, getting Shanes dick nice and wet. Shane fucks his face a bit, and pushes his girthy dick deeper into Justins mouth, and he struggles to take it all, but gets most of it down.. very horny.. Justin continues to suck him really well, and takes out his solid cock as he sucks him. Justin stands up and the lads kiss and jerk each other off, slowly pulling their foreskins back and forth over their juicy dicks.. they move to the sofa, and Justin lays back into the corner whilst Shane lays on his side and takes Justins hard cock in his hard, and begins sucking deeply and firmly.. his own cock good and stiff too as he sucks. Justin fucks Shanes mouth a bit, then the lads go back to kissing. Shane leans back now, and holds his cock up for Justin who cant resist his thick juicy meat, and he sucks him one more time. After this, Shane lays down on the sofa whilst Justin squats over his face. Shane pulls Justins butt cheeks apart and sticks his tongue out to licks Justins smooth tight hole.. Shane gets his tongue right up into Justins arse,. making his dick throb.. Then Shane holds his dick up, and Justin lowers himself onto it, leaning back, easing himself down the thick shaft, taking it all. He rides it slowly, then Shane holds him up and begins to gently thrust in and out, pulling his arse cheeks apart to make it more intense. He begins to fuck harder, its incredibly horny, Shane controls his fucking really well, almost pulling out completely, showing maximum length. Shane now lets his feet rest on Shanes knees, allowing Shane to fuck him harder. For the second position, Justin is leaning against the wall, and Shane pushes his cock into him again, and quickly speeds up, fucking him hard, again, pulling his cheeks apart, and speeds up to really pound him hard. Then, gripping Justins arse firmly, Shane pulls his cock all the way out, then pushes it back in again.. and repeats this several times, pulling all the way out then plunging it back inside, deep and hard - its some of the most intense fucking I have ever seen. Justins cock is never less than throbbing rock solid. Next, the guys move back to the sofa, Justin laying on his back, Shane on his knees, and he fucks him for a third time. He maintains a good firm speed, not too fast, still controlling it, showing as much length as possible, while Justin, whose cock is ready to burst, begins to jerks himself off as his butt gets ploughed.. its not long before he is shooting big spurts of spunk over himself, then Shane pulls out and shoots very hard, his cum spurting out right up to Justins pecs, then more spunk flows in thick creamy strings, covering his abs. This will leave you just as hot and sweaty and the two lads. Its incredible!
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