♺ Man's Art - Skater-Boys - The Gang! 1 (avi)

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Original upload: 2009-07-20 |
unknown uploader | The pilot film of the new series Skater-Boys® by XY-Studios® shows that hard sexual acts, partially appearing as
extreme, are not reserved to studios with 30-year-old models. The producer Marcel Bruckmann, rewarded with
numerous prices, has started a production series with young skater boys between 18 and 24, where the models can
allow full bent to their sexual fantasies. All the suggestions for the kind of sexual acts have come from the actors.
In this film the star roles are played by Basti Oliver and Adrian Winter. Adrian, who has already known unusual sex for
long time, allures Basti into the cellar of an old factory floor, where his friends, amongst others Kriss Stahl, informed by
him, have the opportunity to show him what hard horny sex means. Blowing, rimming, fucking and jerking off more
times. The actors know what horny is. The next setting is a cellar where sex parties take place. Basti Oliver and Adrian
Winter are wating here for 4 guys who also think only of one thing. Adrian looks at how his boyfriend gets licked and
then fucked by many young guys. Later he himself sits on a huge cock, who belongs to Phillip Marcus; even if it hurts
very much Adrian wants to have this cock completely inside. He rides himself and jerks off later. The other members of
the gang don't want to miss emptying their cocks on Basti Oliver.

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