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From ManNet

Director Steven Scarborough delivers in spades with "Bootstrap." Set in a sex club somewhere, real or imagined, the flavor of its leather filthy and powerful.

We turn a corner and stumble across Alex LeMonde masturbating, and after teasing his prick with just the tips of his fingers, his pump is primed by the time Troy Moore arrives. Without speaking a word (typical throughout), Alex puts a grateful Troy into service. Sporting a moussed-up blond crew-cut, Troy concentrates on the task at hand, not stopping until Alex grabs him by the leather harness he's wearing and escorts him to the labyrinth inside the club.

Waiting there fully erect is Fernando Montana. Troy accepts his new role as Alex's personal property and without a moment's hesitation gives Fernando's cock the kind of attention that Alex might expect. No complaints from Fernando -- he relaxes against a high-tech leather lazy Susan, his ass propped against the black cushioned surface. All it takes is a single whiff and a taste of Troy's superbly pink hole to make Alex put the contraption to work. Rubbering up, Alex starts fucking Troy, and with Troy's head hanging off the back of the cushioned surface, Fernando keeps his mouth full. I love watching Alex fuck ass, especially when he hikes one leg up for deeper dicking. For me, a signature move of his that drives me nuts, one that I watch for whenever he's fucking. It's seconds after Alex switches to a power-fuck that Brad Patton strolls in, to watch, then to take over Troy's ass. With a cock that big in the room, other tops tend to step aside in deference. Brad is merciless, fucking with quick staccato thrusts (only experienced bottoms need apply). The bearings on the lazy Susan are put to use, the distinctively different tops rotating Troy between them in quick succession, finishing by blowing their loads on his prone body.

Matthew Rush cuts an impressive figure prowling the halls in a black jockstrap. His ass, two forbidding slabs of muscle, are beacons that most horny men would follow to the ends of the Earth. As the camera pans from his smoky glare and over the curves of his chest, we find Kane O'Farrell and Iván Andros, each clinging to one of Matthew's tree-trunk legs, licking and worshipping his thighs. After getting a subtle nod of consent from Matthew, Kane focuses his attention on the hotspot between Matthew's mighty cheeks. It takes persistence to pry the muscle apart to get to the center, but Kane's shiny hardon, poking out from his white jockstrap, confirms that it's worth the effort. The scene transitions abruptly to Kane topping Iván, neither model bothering to shed their super-clean white straps. Iván orally works over Matthew while getting plowed, then Kane and Matthew switch roles. The director must be obsessed with Matthew's can (or maybe it's me) but every camera angle and close-up puts it in a very favorable light. Butt hasn't looked this tasty in quite a while, especially when flexing, throwing a fuck to Iván. The cum-shots are great, too. The only thing that would have made this three-way better is hearing more of Kane's sexy voice.

In another secret hole in the club, Arpad Miklos is meeting Joe Sport for the first time. What transpires between them is the capstone of the entire flick, having me sit transfixed with my remote in hand ... well, at least at the start of the scene. So much of porn has my finger hovering over the fast-forward button, but here, seconds ticked away into minutes as I waited to see just who would make the next move and what it would be. Arpad warms Joe up by spending long, teasing moments simply rubbing Joe's massive pecs and ridged stomach, keeping him rooted to the spot with eye contact. Just when you think he's going to unleash Joe's cock from his jeans, he doesn't, dragging the foreplay out until it's agony for the viewer. Arpad finally gets on his knees, popping one button at a time, sniffing Joe like a dog before freeing his fully erect prick from its confines. Joe Sport has got to have great control over his urge to cum, as Arpad mouths Joe's cock for minutes on end, Joe emitting low moans. Grabbing Joe by the hips and turning him around, Arpad gives equal time to his hole. I needn't have worried if Arpad's uncut cock was ever going to make an appearance. Maybe it's the way he stands, boot-clad feet about two feet apart, but watching Arpad get good head is a highlight. Think he comes off like the ultimate top just getting head? Wait until Joe submits and offers up his ass to Arpad. They start butt-fucking while standing, moving to a flat surface where Arpad can really penetrate. Maintaining total control over Joe with his eyes and a slight grin, Joe can't help but have a powerful orgasm.

Faced with the challenge of anally taking on Brad Patton followed by Barrett Long, two of the biggest pricks known to man -- and I mean that in the nicest way possible -- I might think twice. Not Dean Monroe. When a very-blond Brad Patton strolls up and gives his crotch a single squeeze, Dean is cool as a cucumber. Just eyeing up Patton's crotch, a big package if there ever was one, would give any but the most experience bottoms pause. Brad at least has the courtesy to rim Dean, here wearing a fire-red jock, then probe with a finger or two before forcing his way inside. I really felt for Dean as he took a moment to catch his breath, Brad buried to the hilt inside him. Brad holds his hog completely still for a moment before he really gets started. Brad doesn't let up until Barrett Long arrives, wordlessly taking Brad's place. Now on his back, Dean services both men simultaneously, one anally, the other orally. This scene really is much more than two tops tag-teaming one very skilled bottom -- it truly captures the energy of dominance and submission that's wonderful to watch.

I was already worn out by the time the fifth and final session started playing. But models Shane Rollins and Gus Mattox are just getting warmed up. I mean, who can resist Shane in a red jockstrap, ass pooched out and begging for attention? Certainly not Gus. He strolls over and puts his cock in Shane's face. As he sucks, Shane can't even keep his own fingers out of his crack, fingering himself while Gus watches. Gus replaces Shane's fingers with his tongue, then his cock. The smile of pleasure on Gus' face is understandable. I'd be grinnin' too if Shane was bouncing up and down on my dick. And who decides to join these two but Dean Monroe. Shane defers to Dean, deciding to ride Gus' face while Dean moves to Gus' cock, exploring the possibilities. Dean takes out his buttplug -- perfect to keep his hole nice and loose -- and climbs onboard. What a pig! Shane then slides his cock inside of Dean, right alongside Gus'. Soon enough, they climax and bring to a close a night and flick of unadulterated debauchery.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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