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Legal Slavery
By 2015, after six years of the economic decline in the U.S., indebted young men are sold off as "indentured servants." If they break the terms of their contract, these legal slaves, like 21-year-old Damon, can be whipped by their owners. Damon is late one too many times and another young slave is ordered to imprison him. Damon knows he must be whipped by his master or face the police. Next week: 100 lashes.

Damon knows his master has every right to whip him. The law says whipping a slave is lawful as long as no blood is drawn nor permanent physical damage inflicted. Damon's only alternative is to be turned over to the police, which would certainly mean a vicious rape and beating followed by a long prison sentence. So he submits to 100 -- make that 120 -- lashes, delivered by another muscular young slave. Next week: We aren't done yet.

Damon hangs from his wrists, the pain of his long whipping still fresh on his skin. When he passes out, he is awoken with several hard blows from the whip. He then collapses on the dungeon floor and is dragged away for a night alone in chains. He thinks his punishment is over, but he is very much mistaken. In the morning the real pain begins. Next week: What to do with a spread-eagled slave.

Damon knows he must submit to his master or face ever worse abuse by the state, but he never expected to be tortured so sadistically. "What are you doing?" Damon asks the muscular slave boy as he slowly turns the winch. Damon's screams echo off the wall as every muscle in his body is stretched, and his nipples are clipped, and the clips are ripped off and his pecs are smacked, and candles are placed around his body for the next phase of his training. We will break this man. Next week: Burning.

The young slave punishing Damon is quite a sadist. He could hold the burning candles high above his victim to allow the wax to cool a little before it hits Damon's skin, but he doesn't. He starts out with searing hot drips and then moves onto large splatters of even hotter wax. Damon screams and buckles, every muscle in his perfect body rolling and flexing. Such beauty. Next week: A perfect ass for the whip.

Damon's chest and abs still burn from the hot wax, when the boy punishing him starts to remove the wax with the whip, then hard slaps. Moaning, Damon is flipped over, revealing a rock-hard ass begging for the whip. When the man in charge strokes and mauls Damon's whip-warmed butt, the slave realizes that his owner is not a disciplinarian, but a sadist. Damon's beauty is his own worst enemy. Next week: Chained overnight.

After his long torture on the bondage table, Damon is put in chains and left alone overnight in a freezing, dirty dungeon. "Do you know why you are in those chains, boy?" the man asks. "I don't follow direction," the slave replies, as he starts his first job of the day, sweeping out a public garage, still chained and completely naked. When he is caught standing around chewing gum, it takes just one look at the cross to tell Damon his torture has just begun. Next week: Crucified beauty.

Damon heard from other slaves that being tied to the cross is slow, terrible torture -- and now it's happening to him! At first it's not so bad. He's up on his toes and it's hard to stand, but it's more awkward than painful. By hour two we hear his first cry of anguish. By hour five he's covered in sweat, every muscle bulging, his beautiful face distorted by pain. Even Damon's body is no match for the cross. Next week: Much worse.

Damon's agony on the cross continues. After six hours, he is exhausted, groaning and struggling, hanging by his wrists for longer periods, his body shaking with pain. In hour seven, he cries out then collapses in utter despair. An hour later he's in shock, his breathing slow and ragged. It will be weeks before he recovers and returns for more.
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