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Threshhold Media's "Seed Pumpers" will have your cock wanting to dump a load of man juice into a nice tight asshole. Director Leo Greco delivers a DVD that is 1 hour and 51 minutes long, with 4 scenes that are filled with hot young men whose cocks and bursting with seed. Are you ready to get pumped?

Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider are on a bed making out, getting their dicks nice and hard for the sucking that sure to happen. Andre licks Dominik up and down, from his arm pits down to his asshole that he eats out. These boys are horny and can't leave each other's dicks alone, from sucking to stroking. Andre finds a thick blue dildo and slides it deep into Dominik's asshole. He toys Dominik's asshole getting it nice and ready for his own cock, which you know he's going to slide in very soon. He fucks Dominik hard, sliding his dick into his hole, pounding it fast and deep. Andre pulls his cock out and cums all over Dominik's asshole, using it as a lube to push his hard cock back in for a few final thrust. Dominik tightens his ass muscles to push some of the cum out, letting it drip down his crack.

Dustin Roller and Sage Daniels can't keep their hands off of each other. At first it's just their bodies they can't keep touching, but soon it's their cocks they can't leave alone. Dustin's cock soon finds its way into Sage's mouth. They take turns sucking each other's smooth dicks, making sure every inch gets sucked and licked. Sage bends over the couch and let's Dustin eat out his asshole, getting it nice and wet. Dustin soon has his cock deep in Sage, fucking him very hard. Sage is going to remember this fucking for weeks to come. Dustin is truly a master when it comes to pounding an ass. Dustin's cock his ready to explode and he pulls his throbbing dick out, spraying his jizz all over the place!

Acheron Krosser loves the cock, especially Cody Hawks nice thick dick. Acheron is on his knees early into this scene bobbing his head up and down on Cody's cock. For Cody, it's clear that he loves ass, rubbing Acheron's nice smooth ass and fingering it, getting it ready for some fucking. Before you even know what's happening Cody has his cock buried in Acheron's asshole, slamming it deep into his tight hole. Cody finally pulls his thick cock out and blows a hot sticky mess all over Acheron's smooth asshole. Acheron slides the cum into his own asshole and Cody uses his hard cock to pump it deep inside of him.

Are you ready for studs Dustin Reeves and Vince Faulkner? Ready or not here they cum, with them feeling each other's cocks while making out heavily on a bed. Dustin plays with his nipples as Vince goes down on his hard dick, sucking it fast. Dustin is soon eating out Vince's clean shaven asshole, using his spit to get it wet. He fingers it deep, giving him a preview of how his cock is going to feel while Vince spanks himself. Vince rides Dustin's cock, taking the whole thing in deep with each pump. Vince strokes himself off and cums all over himself, coving his stomach and chest with jizz. Dustin fucks him harder and faster, finally pulling his cock out and blowing a load all over Vince's smooth hole and licking it clean.

Are you ready to pump some seed? Maybe "Seed Pumpers" is the encouragement you'll need to get out there and pound your cum into some studs tight hole.

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