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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-17 |
Release date: October 10, 2014
Video Number: 1456
I think you guys can tell that I really love having Palmer come in and do video work. He just seems very relaxed and confident and down for 'whatever' happens on set.
With his tattoos and ripped body, I knew he would look great with Bay, who has the same military vibe. I just wasn�t certain Palmer could handle Bay's rather large cock!
I told Palmer that they are about the same size in the cock department, and that they should be evenly matched, so he 'should' be able to handle it. Plus I also figured if Palmer could handle Bay's thick cock, he could handle just about anyone I toss at him. Break him in good!
That seemed logical to Palmer, so he said he would give it a try. Just like with Cooper Reed, they both talked before the shoot about their workouts, and there was plenty of mutual admiration of their physiques.
They start out by doing a side-by-side jerk-off, eyeballing each other's equipment.
They jerk each other for a bit, but Bay really wants Palmer's cock in his mouth. Bay looks super happy to have a cock in his mouth! Like a pacifier to him!
Palmer gets up and face fucks him while Bay strokes his own cock. There is something so hot about seeing him pleasure himself while being gagged by a big fat cock!
Palmer isn't shy about sucking cock either. His skill level is what I would expect. He is trying real hard to not get his teeth in there, but also trying to please his buddy and make him stay hard. They 69 for a bit, but then Palmer gets himself into a more serious cock-sucking position.
We actually tried 2-3 times to have Palmer sit on Bay's cock, much like he did with Cooper Reed, but it just wouldn't fit. Palmer suggested that Bay just push it in while he was doggy style, and that did the trick. His face is firmly planted into the bedding as he pushes through the initial pain, likely biting the mattress! But after his ass accommodated Bay's thick rod, he got turned-on by the ass fucking. Love a hard bottom!
Though, I think Palmer will excel as a Top. You can tell he is kind of enjoying getting fucked, but the true thrill for him is making a guy take his cock. Thankfully, Bay loves to be fucked!
In other videos the guys seem to be only focused on themselves, trying to stay hard, but Palmer often will reach down and play with Bay's cock. There were several times when Bay would nudge or even tell Palmer to stop, or risk nutting.
I don't think that has ever really happened with Bay. He usually rapidly jerks his own cock while being fucked hard in order for him to nut. It is a motion I didn't think a Top could do to him, and still stay hard enough to keep fucking.
But apparently Palmer can "pat his head and rub his tummy" at the same time. You may remember Bay made Byron cum by jerking and fucking him, so I think Bay was keen on experiencing it himself on the receiving end.
So that's what our goal became. Palmer jerks Bay until he cums. Palmer really focuses on jerking at the right rhythm while fucking at the proper angle, making Bay spill his load all over his stomach. Bay loved it!
Even better, Palmer pulls out and makes Bay clean off his cock, then nuts his entire load into Bay's open mouth. Bay swallows most of it, while Palmer fingers any missed jizz back into his mouth!
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