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Defiant Productions - Aim To Please (2007) DVDRip  Director Joe Serna

Seven solo scenes of guys shooting the distance. These seven guys' tryout and show that they belong in the upcoming jack-off distance competition video. Choose who you think will win Defiant Production's first annual Distance Shooters trophy.

Jesse: Tattooed titan of tallywacking, Jesse is happy to wack off wherever and whenever he pleases. Lucky for us, we’re there for the show! He tugs at his hardening cock sitting in the chair before he stands up and defies gravity there for awhile before pumping out a 4 foot spray of jizz all over the sheet!
Defiant Exclusive Brennan Stark: Babe magnet and Defiant Exclusive Brennan Stark brings his boner to the Defiant house to shake out a little of the poison. Once he shimmies out of his street clothes and works his cock into a frenzy, he positions himself to shoot out his spunk cannon, and boom, coats the sheet with his creamy goodness.
Maxxx Wood: Introducing Maxxx Wood, a pleasant new addition to the Defiant family! This punk kid is ready for his debut and doesn’t waste any time working his hands inside of his pants. Once his stiffy is ready for action he strokes and strokes until he catapults his load on the clean purple sheet! Way to go, new guy!
Vincenzo: Super spunk shooter Vincenzo is up next and he’s up for the championship title! After sliding out of his clothes and into his birthday suit, Vincenzo is setting up to win! He lubes his manhood and stars tugging at it before moving closer to the sheet and squeezing out a gush of gooey guy gunk!!
Marc Sterling: Word of the "Distance Shooters” contest has spread quickly to the other Defiant dudes and Marc shows up ready to compete. Cock in hand, Marc gets himself hard quickly and positions himself to shoot as far as he can. And what a shot he makes! He cums nearly to the end of the table! Marc knocks Vincenzo down from the winner’s circle!
Defiant Exclusive Shane: What would a Defiant contest be without Shane? This serious stroker shows up to give a lesson in splooge soaring that they won’t soon forget. Shane toys with his precum and uses it to lube up his ass pucker before he sticks a finger in it. Whatever buttom he pushed, must have been the right one, because when this boy lets his load loose, it flies further than anyone else!
Shawn Cohen: Does this kid remind anyone else of a certain boy wizard? Maybe it’s just me, but if he had a British accent, he might be a film double! Anyway, this kid does some naughty things trying to measure up to all of the boys before him! He flexes his man muscle and puts his hands to work and it sure pays off! Shawn shoots seamen all over the sheet and nearly to the end. Nice shooting, kid!

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