Bear Weekend MEN Part 1, 2 , 3 and 4 HD 2015

You need to Login or Signup first.’s Bear Weekend series, which should have really just been called Jaxton Wheeler Is Too Hairy For Regular Porn Now So We Made a Bear Series.

Jaxton and his shag haircut and untrimmed body popped up in Part 3 of the series, and prior to that we had exclusive bear Colby Jansen fucking a newly beardless Bennett Anthony in Part 1, and then you had Part 2 of the series which had exactly zero bears in it, unless you maybe want to call this Gus Turner guy an otter.

Now we have Jaxton and Colby as the only really bearish guys in a six-man orgy with the skinny and still beardless Bennett, Roman Todd, and Paul Canon, and Gus Turner literally comes out of nowhere to join the party. You see Colby and his boy (Bennett) by the pool, talking to Paul Canon. Up walks Jaxton with his twink boy Roman Todd. Colby says, let’s all go fuck, but WHERE DID THAT GUS GUY COME FROM?

He just shows up to the orgy, as I suppose you do on “Bear Weekend,” even though that pool is totally empty and on a real Bear Weekend it would obviously be wall-to-wall back hair in there. But I digress.
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