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Here we have Anderson, Adrian and Emilio from XXXtreme Twinks.

This is full set of videos and pictures.

Here is the accompanying story from the website:

At 18 I was a real expert in dicks.
I felt attracted by my cousins and male relatives since very early in my life. And without wanting it and wanting it at the same time, my first sexual experiences were with them.
I loved them using my asshole in order to seek for pleasure.
The first time I had sex with some one who wasn't my relative, it was with a classmate my own age. His name is Alejandro.
I stayed at his housed that night in order to do a joint homework. Once we finished, we went to sleep in his bedroom. We had our underwear on, the lights off, he spoke to me about his girlfriend and finally we got asleep.
I don't know about the time, but it was dawn when I felt his hand touching me and I awoke. Alarmed, I opened my eyes and I saw Alejandro completely naked kneeling down by my side.

He didn't say anything. I didn't say anything. We looked at each other. His long dick there between his legs: I got surprised by that huge size.
In reality it is the longest and thickest dick I have ever seen up to date. Alejandro got closer to my body, he got on top of me and then he kissed me with passion.
I got turned on by feeling his tongue against mine and his attractive body against mine. Quickly, among a sea made up by kisses and caresses, his hands grabbed my underwear. I got naked at his mercy.

I could feel the strength of his desire and the power of his male power challenging everything. Then he whispered me not to cry so his family wouldn't hear us. I guessed what was about to happen and I got a lot more excited.
His mouth went down and settled in my erected dick leaving a saliva path over my breast; being down there he took over my glans that was shaking. Then he pushed his legs against my breast, he soaked his dick and my asshole with a lubricant close to his hand, then he tried to screw my asshole slowly and carefully with that long and delightful monster dick.
It was painful but I felt healed by his passion. I wanted Alejandro to screw my asshole and make me feeling what my cousins made me feel when they fucked me.

Alejandro screwed me rudely along many, many minutes. A few minutes later my asshole was entirely open. My mate took longer to cum; but feeling the swinging of his sturdy body over mine, I had cummed many times over his bed blanket. I felt full of frenetic satisfaction by feeling him using my asshole.
Then we took a shower before going to the university and we went downstairs to have breakfast when his sisters and his mother were already at the table. Here in the neighborhood, Anderson and Adrian were his best friends; he introduced them to me some time later.

Besides my cousins and Alejandro, many other boys looked for satisfaction screwing my asshole with their dicks and I really enjoyed it. I think Alejandro could have told Anderson and Adrian about what had happened that night; though I am not really sure. I assume it because Alejandro used tell his sexual experiences with girls and boys.
In fact, it didn't matter to me. People used to say there that Anderson had a huge dick; but it wasn't as large as Alejandro's, I say so, because my classmate could double it in size and thickness. And silently many of my friends were going nuts for Adrian?s breast and body.
That afternoon we were talking right on the corner, we decided to come to my apartment, I was living by myself because I was going to the University and my parents sent me money for my expenses.

We went straight to my bedroom as if I had sensed whatever was going to happen. The chains that weeks before I had given to the boys in order to tie me up and fuck me were on my bed. I don't know how things happened with Anderson and Adrian, but very quick we got naked, they caught me and tied me up with the chains.
Our dicks were stiffened.
Then we sucked one another for minutes and minutes, among tickles and desires up to cumming; but what we felt was such that we continued in that trio of impressive sensations specially for me.

Of course, I was expecting those furious dicks to enter through the eye of my asshole and to screw it once and again up to getting satiated. Anderson was the first one doing it. He screwed me like a sex hero. His movements were rhythmic and vertiginous. Those were glory moments, but the most important thing was about to come.
Then, Adrian made part of the team. I sucked his dick while his friend screwed me It was the first time that, at the same time, I had two majestic and rich active dicks in my asshole. My emotion was so much that I didn't feel any pain, while the three of us lost control in that heaven of perfect pleasures.
Anderson and Adrian, one by one, after using it in another position, they both cummed inside my asshole, and then they hungrily licked it and kissed each other afterwards. I couldn't keep myself from cumming, I looked for their mouths and I cummed inside them.
A real unforgettable evening.

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