Jimmy Dean vs Ridge and Rage

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Supermatch 18
When Jimmy Dean appeared in the last brochure, it was as if the dam burst with pent up desire for our old favorite. And you know Boss Sexton likes to please, so he scoured his private collection and found some vintage Jimmy. Last month┬╣s Capture of Silverback certainly showed that Jimmy still has "it"...but why not showcase a glimpse at Jimmy┬╣s youthful past? Here, the cocky cocktease takes on two muscle boys we found at the gym: spiky haired Italian Stallion, Johnny Rage, and his rugged workout buddy, Ridge. Jimmy wants a spot during his bicep reps, and the guys could care less. Jimmy is pissed, and challenges the pumped up jocks to a two-on-one tag. What you know, and they don┬╣t, is that it never pays to make Jimmy mad. Ridge may be strong, but his first few minutes make him look like a wimp in the ring. He probably just didn┬╣t know what to expect as Jimmy unleashes a non stop beating - and Jimmy makes sure he can┬╣t tag out. You gut punch fans will enjoy the ab workovers here. Handily winning the first round, Jimmy┬╣s not even tired. So our muscle head duo decide on an all out double teaming. Jimmy gets stretched out wide, gut punched, kicked, wedgied, slapped, and double ball grabbed until he finally has to give up. But before you can say, ┬│I┬╣ll be back,┬▓ Jimmy is back in action and stuns them both. Now it┬╣s his turn to get dirty and out comes the rope! Johnny and Ridge become the tied-up tormented twosome. And Jimmy is a helluva tormentor. As a bonus, the boys submit in the oil to a sensuous body workover from Jimmy before they wrestle again. Eventually, their suits are used to tie their hands, and Jimmy jacks off while playing with all that pumped flesh. He lets them jerk off when he┬╣s done, but gets so turned on he comes back and blows a second load! Hot!

2015-10-12 06:33:09
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