BigDikFactory Schoolmates (3, 4, 5) [HD]

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Schoolmates 3
Adrian Cross finds Donnie Ross his college roommate working on his super fat dick and entertaining himself looking at porn mags after some hot sucking, Adrian takes that bazooka up his ass. Next, we're invited to the yearly party called "The Big Suck" an all out orgy with 5 studs having great group sex sharing each other and all coming on Butch Love in a circle. Then Shye Gunn gets thrown out of his home when his parents find out he's gay. He finds comfort in the arms of Justin Slater and his really big, fat dick. They fuck, suck, rim and spend the night making love with their young raging libidos. Shye Gunn won't go home again, we guarantee. Moving right along, Shane Romano and Butch Love who met at the "Big Suck" and stroke a friendship while doing homework. From there it's hot sucking and Shane gets it up the ass from the masculine Butch Love. Finally, Justin Slater's visiting Adrian Cross (Donnie isn't home), and both get into an oral and anal scene (both hard all the way through), that'll make you rewind and look again and again!.

Justin Slater, Donnie Ross, John Schut, Shane Romano, Steve Vanila, Adrian Cross, Hotdog, Shye Gunn, Paul Brasil, Butch Love.

Schoolmates 4
This is the very newest "baby" from the BigDikFactory, another fun adventure lead by Justin Slater through his school & dorm days. First we have him with Feodor Lowery, the cute blond with the super fat cock. After an extensive mutual cock tease, they suck & ream & finally the payoff, Lowery gets Slater's pole up his ass. In the second scene, Justin Slater & Carter Powers get it on. We get wonderful cocksucking footage as Carter eats Slater in a youthful but hungry way. Carter gets fucked here like a bunny rabbit. In scene 3, the two "outsiders" on campus became friends & fuck buddies. Don Keyes (on bottom) & Jimmy Collins go at it. Then in scene 4, the campus coach is the wet dream of every twinkie who has ever gone to college (I'm sure there are some, no?) coach Jake seduces athletic twink Dober by massage into a hot suck n fuck 101. Lastly in scene 5, Justin Slater & Steve Vanilla (Hung Twinks on Wheels) go for the home stretch (it's Vanilla's ass that gets the stretch here, go Slater go!).

Justin Slater, Feodor Lowery, Jack Lavalle, Dober Woods, Brent Collins, Steve Vanila, Don Keyes, Jimmy Collins, Carter Powers.

Schoolmates 5
This is the very newest "baby" from the BigDikFactory, another fun adventure lead this time by Jason Sizemore in his wild youth. First we have him with Antonio the cute Latino with the hot ass. After an extensive deepthroating & sucking Jason's fat dick Antonio sits on it like a king on his throne. Next Steve Vanilla & Donavin get shot by the campus photographer to be published in the year book. That sleaze ball convinces them to have sex for his porn collection as he shoots it. Then we brought Justin Slater back one more time as he jacks off to his school love interest Paul. Next Justin mounts Schools handyman Chris Berretta in an unbelievable drilling shot from behind, he fucks like a rabbit. Finally Dylan Hunter & Jason Sizemore in a size competition as David Ocean as the cock hungry Judge. They are both huge (got to see that) & are more than happy to let David Ocean conduct a comparative oral judgment. It ends up with the wonderful punch line & a happy ending.

Justin Slater, Steve Vanila, Antonio, Dylan Hunter, David Ocean, Jason Sizemore, Chris Berretta, Donavin Fitch, Paul Pickford.

Resolution: 720x540.
Ratio: 4x3.
Studio: BigDikFactory.
Director: Toby Ross.
2020-09-15 19:45:35
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