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Behind the Dunes

This one caught me totally off-guard - and in a good way. Cream of the Crop has released some great stuff before (and some not so great stuff, too) and this one ranks as one of their hottest and most satisfying in my book. I only wish the cast had been credited (names do appear at the bottom of each segment, albeit too rapidly) as there are some really, really hot and hung cuties here.
The "beach/sand dune" bit is tossed away after a few segments, leaving basically a series of trickings and pick-ups: on the beach, in a back alley, in a park, at a resort (in full view of unsuspecting tourists) and what-not. Most of the segments are terrific (the editing is bit choppy in spots) and the guys really get into the scenes.
The best and hottest is undoubtedly the film's opener. Two trim, muscular and drop-dead beautiful Speedo-wearing guys are romping on the beach. Fans of frottaging, groping and rubbing will nearly pass out as these two go at it: deep throating (all the way down), flip-flopping fucking, and some amazing facial cumshots (with the just-spent cock being taken back in the partner's mouth).
The sound goes in and out a bit here, but your free hand is sure to be going up and down on your own thick piece, too. I watched the scene twice, and blew my loads along witht he double helping this duo served up. Yummy.
The rest of the flick features more duos, including a scorching pick-up in a park by a young jogger (what until you see the great balls on him), a bedroom scene that had a terrific blowjob and facial shot, and lots of young hung beauties rutting about.
Not a classic, but fans of beautiful Euro guys rubbing, kissing, and ignoring the camera for some wild, intense and passionate sex will be watching this one over and over

Ripped By Jake ! ! !
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