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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-11-05 |
Alpha Males - Cheaters

Cheaters is set in a beautiful tropical beach house location on the shores of the Australian Coast - where the surfers are hot, the lifeguards can be turned, and testosterone levels soar.

It‘s early summer and three sexy Sydney mates head to the beach for a blissfully happy romantic weekend with their new boyfriends. Within minutes of arriving at their amazing Aussie beach house, eyes start wandering and the fuck-fest begins!

There‘s Kristian Winter, tall, dark and handsome - a typical Italian-Australian with a massive dick. His boyfriend is the gorgeous Jake Harvey - who, if you look closely, has picked up a lot of his fucking technique from Kristian!

We welcome back Spikee, the little lad with the MASSIVE dick, and Marc Amon -  the donkey dicked German as his boyfriend.

The last of the couples are newcomers Mark Sawyer and Jimmy Brooks - both painfully cute guys making their porn debut.

The life guard is another newcomer, Aiden Burrows  - a surfer from Queensland who likes nothing more than getting fucked - and fucked hard.

First up Marc knocks back his boyfriend Spikee when he sees the mysterious and hot lifeguard lurking in the garden. Leaving his lover with a severe case of - blow-job-interuptus - Marc goes in search of the spunk! And this is just the start of a boyfriend swapping and straight boy seducing weekend!!!

After being left by his boyfriend, the visibly upset young Spikee is soon consoled by predatory spunk Kristian,. This little lad with such a big cock (sorry to keep on about it) really knows how to take it long and hard. Kristian‘s expertise as a hot top really shows as he fucks him to within an inch of his life with his 9 incher.

After finding the hot lifeguard patrolling the beach - Marc lures the innocent spunk back to the house.

Here Aiden gets his first taste of cock - and it‘s a big one. Biting his lip, the lifeguard takes it like a man as he gets fucked hard by Marc.

The next day Jake leaves his man Kristian in bed to go in search of Jimmy - after finding and seducing him in the outdoor garden shower, Jake gets him back to the house for a fast and furious fuck.

While jogging on the beach Kristian spots life guard Aiden patrolling. Wanting even more cock after his episode with Marc, Aiden persuades Kristian to show him the house (oh yeah). The spunky lifeguard wastes no time in stripping off and getting to work on Kristian‘s ever hard cock. After getting an even harder slamming than before – he‘s thrown out before Kristian‘s boyfriend returns home.

Spikee and Mark (Jimmy‘s man) get back from town to find the house empty.
After making small talk the two twinks take the opportunity for a bit of dildo fun - with Spikee taking the monster toy with relish - Only to be caught by Spikee‘s lover, Marc. Never one to miss out on a good thing, Marc tops them both, making it extra hard for Spikee! Both loving Marc‘s massive dick slammed in side them.

As the weekend draws to a close - Mark and Jake take a fun fight in the Jacuzzi from the water to the bedroom, where Jake shows Mark what a hot top Kristian‘s turned him into. Young top Jake really makes Mark squeal with pleasure.

Starring seven young spunks in eight scenes. Directed by Mike Esser, written by porn superstar Andy Stone and starring Jake Harvey, Jimmy Brooks, Kristian Winter, Aiden Burrows, Marc Amon, Mark Sawyer and Spikee!

Aiden Burrows
Jake Harvey
Jimmy Brooks
Kristian Winter
Marc Amon
Mark Sawyer

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