♺ Skybo Wrestling Village Teens 7

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-16 |

Alex still is not willing to believe his humiliation by Marcos and Maxi a few days ago. They picked him up and dominated him royally (Village Teens 6 – Punishment for Alex). He thinks back and immediately gets angry and wants to pay it all back to Maxi. I will overpower the small punk, now that he is on his own’ he thinks. They compete in various disciplines and Maxi performs better throughout the ecercise. Finally they start a wrestling fight where both want to show the other the ropes. Alex is doing well at the beginning, he can even get Maxi to sone submissions, but he has no real way to come up against the muscle boy. Maxi’s speed and Power make him win one fight after the other. He teaches the taller soccer player how to submit ongoingly. Headlocks, Foot Domination, Scissors, all sorts of pins and lot of Breath Control weaken Alex, he becomes a tox for Maxi, who enjoys to humiliate taller guys and show what he has
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