Help Wanted

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Description1. Come 'n Take It, If Ya Can!
Joe Andrews solo
Self-confident loner Joe Andrews is a cocksman on the move, checking out the action in an abandoned warehouse where men meet for hot, no-questions-asked sex. Joe cruises several prospects then notices you. His stiff 10" are quickly out and up, tantalizing, teasing, challenging your desires, in the most-unusual Falcon solo film yet-one that really delivers what you're on your knees for... and then even more!

2. Help Wanted
Joe Andrews, Dick Fisk
Footloose Joe Andrews encounters Falcon superstar Dick Fisk when he responds to a "Help Wanted" sign on a warehouse door. Hunky Fisk's come-on has Andrews rockhard in no time and before you know it, they're sixty-nining on a conveyor belt. The most incredible ram-rod penetration and standing-fuck episode seen anywhere makes this remarkable film Falcon's hottest ever and a must for every erotica collection!

3. Rocks and Hard Places
Al Parker, Jeff Turk
Superstar Al Parker and Falcon discovery Jeff Turk meet along a mountain stream in the wild Blue Yonder. After a cocksucking introduction, Turk leads Parker back to his campsite, where the two studs take turns planting their fucksticks in the ass of Turk's startled-but-receptive buddy. Their simultaneous cross-fire cum shot has to be a film first!

4. PE-627
Jeff Turk, Vince Clark, Kirk Mannheim
Jeff Turk and gymnastics teammate Vince Clark are messing around in the locker room, turned on by having secretly spied on their hunky young coach, Kirk Mannheim, jerking to a climax in the shower. They've taken turns swallowing each other's swollen cock and Turk's throwing a stand-up fuck to Clark, when Mannheim returns to the locker room. In moments he's joined the party for a heavy-duty three-way, ending in a sweat, naked heap of exhausting cum-spent studs.

5. (DVD bonus)
Telephone Repairman, pt 1
Jim, Rod
Rod, a handsome black repairman, arrives to repair a telephone and is met at the office door by Jim, a young electrician working on some new wiring. Jim sees the massive bulge in Rod's Levis and his eyes reveal the hunger to taste it. Rod notices Jim's gaze and pulls out his huge hard prick. Jim sucks his hot black cock as Rod's enormous meat swells to fill Jim's hungry mouth and throat. He moves his tongue over Rod's heavy big balls and into his smooth ebony ass. Rod takes hold of his enormous tool and plunges it deep into Jim's hot white ass. He shoots a huge load as he watches and feels himself submit all the way to Rod's big wet cock. Rod cums all over Jim's face and mouth but neither one have satisfied their pounding hard-ons and the action continues without a pause. For one of the rarest scenes ever filmed, Jim rims Rod's ass while rod sucks his own cock until he shoots again covering his own face with his thick creamy cum. This film contains so much very heavy, hot, rarely seen action that we strongly urge that you get both parts and not miss a single instant.

Stars:  Al Parker  Kirk Mannheim  Jeff Turk  Joe Andrews  Vince Clark  Dick Fisk 

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