[TickledHard] Ryan Peters (TH-t064)

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Description20-year-old control freak Ryan has been tickled before by his girlfriend and horsing around with friends, but he's never been tied down and tickled by an expert. Franco explores Ryan's fuzzy stomach with different feathers before zapping his abs with his fingers. The tickling sensation and sense of confinement is so intense that Ryan freaks out, but merciful Franco frees Ryan's arms to ease his panic. Of course, that doesn't mean the tickling is going to stop! Franco tickles Ryan's ribs and armpits while he tries in vain to fight back. Ryan moans, his breathing is labored and his whole body twitches under the tickle torture. He tries to hold it in, but the whole situation is just too much to handle. Ryan breaks down in tears, and Franco gives him a much needed break. He brings Ryan a glass of water and talks him down before picking the tickling back up at Ryan's feet. Franco tickles Ryan's size 8 feet, and at first it seems like he might like it. But pleasure quickly turns back into torture with Ryan laughing and crying at the same time, unable to control himself. Even when Franco frees him from all the restraints, Ryan can't free himself from his own mind. It's all torture to him! Franco ends the tickling session with an unusual move. He lies back and sits Ryan on his lap, so Ryan can look down on him. On top and face-to-face, Ryan finally feels the pleasure of being tickled by Daddy.
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