Hard Heroes - Consumed (the latest movie)

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DescriptionThe latest release of Can-Am production. If you like watching superheroes suffering in the hands of cruel villains, and particularly if you enjoy the Hard Heroes series, this is the movie for you!
Our hero Vektros (starring beautiful Marco Coello dressed in sexy blue costume) has been captured by the monstrous villain Spidar (starring Logan Scion dressed in ominous black spiderman-like costume) and bound by his webbings. He is unconscious at the beggining, enabling the villain to group him and squeeze him without any interruptions. Then he awakes him cruelly with a vicious punch to his abs! And after that, it is nothing but pure horror and suffering for our hero... Masculine and feisty Vectros, althought a mighty and courageous superhero, is no match for Spidar's powers, and is slowly subdued and forced to submission after submission. Watch this beautiful muscle boy being overpowered, groped, punched, kicked, bitten, tied, raped, choked, and totally destroyed! The villain attacks his abs, cock, thighs, biceps, pecs, nipples, mouth, ass, back, over and over again!
As the movie progresses, the unfortunate young male becomes aware that he is doomed, being unable to break free, let alone save himself. There is no help for him... He is nothing but the next meal for the Spidar, who bites him during beating and torture. The Vektros realizes that he became the latest pray for this monstrous villain, his fear grows, his struggling becomes more and more desperate, just like the hopeless pray in the carnivorous trap...
The unfortunate superhero is about to be CONSUMED!

The seedbonus would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance, guys ;)
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